As Kevin Durant’s ashy ankles went viral on social media, the basketball player was quick to hit back at people for mocking his skin.

One of the highest-earning basketball stars in the world has become the target of online trolls on the internet.

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has more than 900 games behind his back but some people were more occupied with his appearance during Monday’s game.

Kevin Durant gets roasted for ashy ankles

Kevin Durant’s dry skin has become the talk of social media following Monday’s game between the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers.

A number of people have roasted the basketball star for his ashy ankles after a picture posted on the SLAM Kicks Twitter account went viral.

“Kevin Durant’s ankles are so ashy that it looks like it’s painful,” tweeted one person.

New Orleans Pelicans’ Isaiah Thomas also chimed in and reacted: “No way KD can be that Ashy!!!!!!!! No way lol. OMG.”

Other people were genuine in their concern about Kevin’s skin condition and slammed the online trolls and memes.

“Kevin Durant getting dragged for not moisturizing his skin to the extent they got ashy and scaly. This guy earns millions of dollars, so it’s tough to assume he doesn’t take care of his own skin. Listen, what if it’s a health condition or something?! Just thinking out loud,” wrote another Twitter user.

Someone else added: “All the jokes about Kevin Durant’s dry ankles are telling all the people you know with skin conditions just how funny you think they are.”

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Kevin Durant slams trolls

Following Monday’s game and the hundreds of people mocking his skin, Kevin fired back with a response on Twitter.

“I’m bouta pull my “y’all broke” card in a second. F*** y’all,” the Brooklyn Nets star tweeted.

True fans of the player have defended him, saying that his skin might be down to a health condition or simply the result of a very dynamic basketball career.

Kevin has 15 seasons and more than 900 games behind his back after all.

Draymond Green reacts to viral picture

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green was another basketball player who weighed in on the viral picture.

“Jesus Christ, K. Bam sent me the picture and said, “There’s no way K is this ashy.” And I said, “What the f***?” And then I clicked on the link that Bam sent me. That wasn’t even ash. That was f****ng scales,” he said.

Draymond continued: “I have not talked to Kevin yet. I am looking forward to calling him today and getting his opinion. I know he’s going to say, “F*** y’all. Why are you worried about my ankles?” I already know what his response is going to be.”

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