There are a bunch of Instagram font changer websites out there that allow social media users to caption their photos in all sorts of flowery and interesting (and sometimes barely legible) ways.

A quick Google search returns almost 12,000 results, but many of them are duplicates of each other.

If you’re a regular social media user, and you want to know how to change your Instagram bio or start captioning your pics with, for example, backwards text or a typewriter-style typeface; in italics, cursive or stencil; or using any of the array of symbols available in Microsoft Word, here’s a breakdown of some of the best tools available.

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Which Instagram font changer is the easiest to use?

You might have found yourself using Meta Tags’ font generator, LingoJam’s Fonts For Instagram service, IgFonts, or Fancy Fonts’ Instagram Fonts text generator. 

Many of them offer the same set of text conversions. You simply enter your chosen text into the first box and copy the version you like best from the second box.

But some Instagram font changers are laid out in a more easy-to-use way. For example, Bigbangram’s Font Generator For Instagram lays its fonts out in three columns rather than one, so that you can see more at once.

It also attaches a name to each font, so you don’t have to remember exactly where it was on the list each time you use it.

Here are five of the best Instagram font changer tools to use in 2022

Bigbangram’s Font Generator For Instagram is definitely top five. Here’s that link again. Just scroll down past the first graphic. It also allows you to filter for “bold”, “small” and “tiny” fonts, or by style, for example “Vaporwave”, “Cursive Text” or “Weird”.

For its simplicity and ergonomic layout, Copy And Paste Font’s Instagram Fonts generator is a great tool. You can adjust the font sizes to make them easier to read, and it even has a guide to creating an “attractive Instagram bio”.

DC League of Super-Pets | Official Trailer

DC League of Super-Pets | Official Trailer

InstaFonts has a Create feature. It allows users to make a separate rule for each letter. So for example you might want all your A’s to appear as “𝖆”, but all your Z’s to appear as “🆉” – a different style. Customise your own font!

FontVilla’s Font Generator has tabs at the top to allow you to navigate easily from all their different types of font changers – not just Instagram but also for Tumblr and Discord, among others.

Finally, I’ve mentioned it already, but Meta Tags’ tool is different in that it shows a preview of what the text will look like in situ on Instagram, or on Twitter, in your bio.

How to find out how much information has been stored about you

Both Facebook and Instagram allow users to deep-five into their own account history. 

Whether it’s old profile bios, previous usernames or simply the exact date and time you joined the platform, you can view it all on Instagram.

Just tap on your Profile and go to the Menu. Then, tap Settings, followed by Security. Midway down that list there should be a section called Access Data. 

Once you click that, you’ll be able to see all the information the app has stored about you. You can also download all of that data so that it’s viewable when you’re offline. 

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