Hawkeye is an origin story for an up-and-coming hero, and the detective drama is set amidst the backdrop of Christmas in New York City.

In the new Disney+ series Clint Barton is seen holding a ‘Thanos Was Right’ mug sending Marvel fans into a frenzy.

What is Hawkeye about?

Although Hawkeye is named after the bow-wielding Avenger the series is really a story about two people.

While it mainly focuses on Clint Barton who is a surly hero and one-time vigilante who is doing his best to enjoy his life with his kids viewers also get a glimpse of Kate Bishop.

Bishop grew up idolising Hawkeye and she even became a state champion archer. Their worlds collide when Kate rescues and then dons the costume of Ronin and gets into a fight with a criminal syndicate known as the Tracksuit Mafia. When Clint sees the Ronin suit on the news, he eventually leaves his idyllic family life and joins forces with Bishop.

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‘Thanos Was Right’

In Eternals, Thanos snapped his finger and wiped out half of all life in the universe, then set back the Celestials plans. But all of a sudden, there was not enough intelligent life to power the growth of new Celestials.

Therefore, as Inverse note, Thanos essentially saved the Earth from potential doom and the reference to the supervillain in Hawkeye got Marvel fans talking on Twitter.

Fans go wild over reference to Thanos in Hawkeye

Twitter went crazy over the reference to Thanos in Hawkeye with fans tweeting their reactions.

One user tweeted: “The first 10 minutes of Hawkeye had me emotional, but the “Thanos was right” took my mind off Clint thinking of Nat really quick. Glad they somewhat brought her up in the show #HawkeyeSeries.”

While another wrote: “#Hawkeye has so many layers from clints POV and when you peel those layers back you can start to feel how grounded and subtle he is. The musical, the writing on the urinal stall “Thanos was right” and mentioning nat, it was a heartbreaking 2 first episodes but an amazing start.”


While another wrote: “There’s a Thanos was Right moment in Hawkeye, this a 10/10 already.”

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