BTS RM’s response to James Corden’s apology is winning ARMY hearts. If you are wondering what happened between James Corden and BTS ARMY, here’s the full scoop.

The two-time Grammy-nominated group leader once again proved that he will always be by fans’ side. The ‘Mono’ crooner ‘respectfully’ called out Corden for his UNGA comment that got him in trouble for calling BTS fans ‘fifteen-year-old girls.’

Amidst mixed response from fans, Bangtan Boys made a comeback to The Late Late Show with James Corden right after their AMA 2021 appearance to perform their Billboard Hot 100 topper, ‘Permission To Dance.’

Along with the performance, the AMA 2021’s ‘Artist Of The Year’ award winners also sat down for a chat with Corden where they cleared the air about the past controversy between BTS fans and the show’s host.

Right when Corden was talking about the past two years and BTS making a comeback to the show, Namjoon brought up the ‘incident’ that got Corden in ‘hot water’ with ARMY.

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What did James Corden do to BTS?

James Corden got in trouble for his comments on BTS’ UNGA appearance in September where he had said, “The United Nations General Assembly kicked off this morning in New York City, and it started with some pretty unusual visitors… BTS were there.”

He continued, “BTS visited the UN… Although lots of people are saying why are BTS there, the world leaders have no choice but to take BTS seriously” as they have “one of the largest ARMY on the planet earth.”

He went on to call BTS’ UNGA 2021 presence as ‘historic’ before commenting, “It actually marks the first time that 15-year-old girls everywhere found themselves wishing that they were Secretary-General António Guterres.”

The ’15-year-old girls’ comment led to massive outrage from BTS ARMY, which continues to be one of the most diverse fandoms in the world.

BTS clears the air with James Corden

On November 24th, BTS appeared on the show and RM ‘cleared’ the air trying to address fans’ issues and also mend the relationship between the host and the ARMY.

James Corden initially welcomed the Billboard’s longest-charting group to The Late Late Show talking about how it has been two years since they have seen each other in the flesh.

RM starts right off the bat saying, “it’s so good to be back, we have been very well James, but how about you? You got into some ‘hot water’ with ARMY, are you alright?”

James Corden explains the situation saying, “we did two jokes which I didn’t think is any way offensive to anybody where we said that we thought it was unusual you kicking off the UN summit with the performance.

“And we said, this is where we got in trouble that your fans were fifteen years old which of course isn’t true cause I am 43 years old and I consider myself to be one of the biggest BTS fans.”

Corden’s apology

Corden went on to share, “I have never been on to that side of the ARMY before… Someone told me they hope I die today, which did feel extreme.”

“I have seen BTS ARMY at their absolute best when they are a true force of good, they supported charities and so much more. The prospect of doing anything to upset them, I didn’t enjoy that. I hope they know that we would never do anything like that ever again.”

RM’s response

RM responded to James Corden’s ‘apology’ saying, “It’s alright, we appreciate your apology.” The 27-year-old ‘Tokyo’ crooner added, “we just wanted to clear the air.”

Corden replied, “We love you, we love you so much, and always glad to have you” and went on to ask Jimin if he is still his ‘papa mochi.’

Jimin and James concluded the incident by hugging each other. Watch the video below!

BTS RM’s response to James Corden’s apology is a testament to his ‘nuance’

BTS leader Namjoon’s response to the apology of The Late Late Show host is winning Twitter and the hearts of fans.

A fan gushed, “not even a “we accept your apology” but “we /appreciate/ your apology” the nuance is so different this man is so sexy, I cannot and will not ever get over him!”

A second fan echoed, “no cause the way Joon handled the entire situation. that enigmatic calm and composure while confronting James cordon on the spot and making him apologize and proceeded to say “we appreciate your apology we just wanted to clear the air” .. Namjoon you will always be a superhero.”

BTS x James Corden will have one more fun segment where the group will be performing ‘Butter’ at the LA crosswalk.

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