Walt Disney World has announced that it is temporarily stopping the sale of new annual passes but why is that?

The theme park in Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular Disney destinations.

Sneakerella | Official Trailer | Disney+

Sneakerella | Official Trailer | Disney+

What are Disney World annual passes?

Depending on the type of the pass, Disney World annual passes give access to the theme park for the whole year.

As per the theme park’s website, they allow people to “enjoy the magic all year long” and “discover all the possibilities a Walt Disney World Annual Pass can bring”.

However, new sales of annual passes have been temporarily paused.

Why did Disney World pause annual passes?

Disney World has temporarily stopped selling three of the four annual passes until further notice.

At the time of publication, the theme park is not offering the Pirate, Sorcerer, and Incredi-Pass to visitors, while the only available option for the time being is the Florida resident-only Pixie Dust pass.

The Pixie pass is available for $399 plus tax to Florida residents only.

While Disney World hasn’t given an explanation about their decision, The Motley Fool notes that the park regularly starts and pauses annual passes to “regulate the flow of locals who are loyal but also spend less than visitors on one-day tickets”.

The report adds that the decision might have been taken to control visitors’ flow during peak and slow periods.

People have shared their speculations on social media too, with one person tweeting: “They don’t want APs clogging up the parks. They value the ticketed guests more so they want to make sure they have capacity for them… if they show up.”

Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

People react to the change

Many other regular visitors have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts about the temporary change.

“Disney World annual passes currently unavailable. Very disappointing as a Disney Park fan and also shareholder,” one person tweeted.

“Of course Disney World puts a pause on selling annual passes when I’m trying to figure out if I should upgrade my tickets for December/January into an annual pass,” added someone else.

Another one wrote: “Thanks @WaltDisneyWorld for pausing annual passes and ruining my family’s Christmas plans. So much for the “magic” these days.”