Kevin Spacey was recently ordered by a mediator to pay nearly $31m to the studio that made Netflix’s House of Cards, for breach of contract following sexual harassment allegations, according to BBC reports.

Where is Kevin Spacey now? Explore the American actor’s life and career following the reported controversy that has taken place since 2017.

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Where is Kevin Spacey now?

Kevin Spacey faced controversy back in 2017 due to alleged sexual assault allegations, according to BBC reports.

The American actor then lost his starring role as a conniving politician in the Netflix drama House of Cards and has since kept a relatively low profile.

Born on 26 July 1959 in South Orange, New Jersey, United States, Spacey is now age 62 years old.

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As a former Oscar-winner, he reportedly landed his first acting role since the accusations three years later in 2021.

Spacey is set to appear in director Franco Nero’s upcoming Italian film, L’uomo Che Disegnò Dio, reportedly playing a detective who investigates a falsely accused paedophile.

The Italian titled film, which translates to The Man Who Drew God, had an initial release of 5 October 2021 as per IMDb.

BBC reports state that Kevin Spacey was located in Italy in June 2021 to shoot his small role in the independent film.

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Is he still present on social media?

Following the accusations in October 2017, @kevinspacey took to various social media platforms to present an apology.

Spacey denied recalling the claims yet apologised for his inappropriate behaviour.

In an online message, the actor explained that the story encouraged him to address other things about his life, stating that he has had relationships with both men and women and now chooses now to live as a gay man.

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With over 600,000 followers, @kevinspacey‘s Instagram account seems to have been inactive for a while as he now supposedly maintains a private life.

The actor’s most recent upload was shared on Christmas Eve in 2020, whereby he offered support to those struggling.

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Prior to the 2020 video, the user had uploaded a similar video in the two previous years.

In 2019, he encouraged his followers to kill negativity with kindness in a video directly addressing the viewers.

2018’s Christmas Eve clip displayed Kevin Spacey once again speaking into the camera in what seemed like a short-acting scene.

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Meet the actor’s family

Reports state that the actor was born as Kevin Spacey Fowler to parents Kathleen Ann and Thomas Geoffrey Fowler.

His mother reportedly had a secretary role while his father worked as a technical writer and data consultant.

Despite now being estranged from his older brother, Randy Fowler is a limousine driver and a Rod Stewart impersonator in Boise, Idaho.

Julie Ann Fowler Keir, Kevin Spacey’s sister, is described as an office worker.

According to Daily Mail, Spacey’s brother reported of the children’s shared brutal upbringing which was dominated by their reportedly right-wing father whom he accused of abuse.

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