If you’re always scrolling on Instagram, you’ve probably clocked on to the platform’s latest trend, ‘Show Us Your Name in Urban Dictionary’.

The idea of the trend is to define, as per Urban Dictionary, the ‘slang’ meaning of your name. If you haven’t seen the new IG craze yet, take a look here to find out how to do it.

We’re revealing the most shocking ‘Show Us Your Name in Urban Dictionary’ answers. PSA, if you’re a Libby or a Brandon, avoid this trend!

What is the new IG trend?

The ‘add yours’ sticker trend has taken Instagram by storm, and the latest under the craze umbrella is proving pretty popular.

In short, people are searching the meaning of their name on Urban Dictionary and uploading the ‘definition’ to their IG story. If you’re unfamiliar, Urban Dictionary is an unofficial source giving meanings to slang terms.

Although some names are defined as ‘amazing’ and ‘beautiful’, some definitions are pretty wild.

Read more about the trend here.

10 shocking ‘Show Us Your Name in Urban Dictionary’ answers

Let’s break down 10 shocking ‘Show Us Your Name in Urban Dictionary’ answers…


We didn’t see this one coming. The definition for Matt reads: “The one guy from Wii Sports nobody can beat.”

Can any Matt’s out there confirm if this is true?


Simply put, a Josh is: “a guy that is obsessed with tractors go karts and his dog.”

Urban Dictionary.


As per Urban Dictionary, Mia is: “the most swag person you will ever meet, more swag than anyone.”

Now we want to be called Mia.


We don’t know who hurt the person who wrote this, but this definition for Libby is a little bit too specific. It reads: “She is a a**ehole and a bully she takes random trips to the store to get mangograpes and apples because she is a very strange human.”


Urban Dictionary says: “Alice is nice at first but once you know her you find out she in the reincarnation of Satan himself.”

Yikes, we’re staying on Alice’s good side.


I think we can all relate to Harry

This name is defined as: “A person who sits in a skype call and says absolutely nothing and listens to other people talking.”

Urban Dictionary.


If you’re a Tiffany, it seems that you’re pretty powerful.

Urban Dictionary says: “She is so powerful that she can destroy generations. She already has destroyed yours. Now only god knows what happens next.”


A little confusing, the definition for Ryan reads: “Ryan is Ryan. He always likes to Ryan. Even when he’s feeling Ryan, you’ll always know he’ll feel Ryan eventually. Ryan likes Ryan walks on the Ryan. It’s Ryan Time.”


If your name is Ben, you’re a: “duck overlord. he can perform mind control on ducks of all kinds.”

Pretty cool.


Last, but certainly not least, Brandon is defined as: “An idiot who sometimes makes people laugh for some reason.”

Did your name make the list?

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