Fans patiently waiting for the OTT release of ‘Kotigobba 3’ will be disappointed to learn of a last-minute delay, so what date will the movie now launch?

The cinema industry is slowly getting back on its feet following the coronavirus pandemic. However, not every theatre fan is able to get out to watch the new releases, whilst others still may not be comfortable travelling to an establishment.

Thankfully, new movies have been arriving on OTT streaming platforms around the world around four weeks after their theatrical debut, in response to the complications associated with theatres.

This was the case for ‘Kotigobba 3’ which was meant to debut online today, November 23rd. Unfortunately, the OTT release of the film has been delayed at the last-minute, so what date will Kotigobba 3 launch now?

When did Kotigobba 3 release in theatres?

Kotigobba 3 was originally scheduled to premiere in theatres back in April 2020, but like countless cinema projects, had to be postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The movie finally landed in theatres on October 15th, one day after its scheduled launch – see below for more information.

Kotigobba 3 earned 40.5 Crore in its opening four days at the Indian box office, making around 33.05 Crore after its first 14-days.

Where will Kotigobba 3 be streaming?

Kotigobba 3 will be streaming exclusively streaming through the Amazon Prime Video platform.

A subscription to the OTT service will cost users RS 129 monthly, Rs 329 for three months of Rs 999 annually.

However, the prices for Amazon Prime Video in India are set to be increased soon. As confirmed by the platform, accessing the service will soon cost users Rs 179 monthly, Rs 459 for three months of Rs 1499 annually.

There is currently a limited-time offer available to users, which expires on December 13th.

Kotigobba 3: OTT delay and release date confirmed

Kotigobba 3 was originally scheduled to premiere via the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform on Tuesday, November 23rd.

This was confirmed by the OTT streaming service in response to questions on the film’s promotion from fans on social media.

However, the Amazon Help Twitter account has now been responding to disgruntled fans by stating Kotigobba 3 will now be launching on Monday, November 29th.

A reason for the six-day delay has not been revealed; however, the release of Kotigobba 3 has already experienced problems in the past.

The theatrical premiere was delayed for one day, again at the last-minute, on October 15th following a difference of opinion between the producers and financiers.

This article will be updated as more information on Kotigobba 3’s streaming launch is revealed, including a specific release time for international fans closer to the November 29th premiere.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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