Fans of Wayv’s Lucas are demanding updates of Lucas comeback from SM Entertainment as NCT 2021 releases new teasers for their upcoming release ‘Universe.’

Lucas took a hiatus from all his activities in August end after a controversy regarding the singer’s past relationship surfaced on social media. The singer uploaded an apology announcing his break and apologizing for sparking concern among fans.

Right before the cheating scandal, Lucas was gearing up for a new single release ‘Jalapeño’ with NCT member Hendery.

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Fans demand Lucas’ comeback from SM Entertainment

Fans of the global star Lucas aka Wong Yuk-hei have been asking for updates on Lucas’ whereabout after months of stark silence from SM Entertainment.

While some netizens have trended hashtags like ‘Lucas Out’ multiple times, most fans believe that Lucas should be given a chance to explain his position and must be protected from the blatant criticism and slander from social media users.

A fan shared, “cause everybody sees what they want to see, it’s easier to judge him than to believe! #LucasBestBoy #ProtectLucas!”

Another added a post claiming that some of the photos that came up as ‘proof’ of Lucas’ cheating from multiple online users were actually edited. The fan wrote, “A lot of people thought we fans defend him because he is our fave. But because he is innocent. It is so obvious how the evidence is false.”

A third fan posted, “We wait for your comeback, Lucas. Take care!”

WayV’s Winwin missing from NCT 2021

Along with NCT Lucas, WayV Winwin will also be missing from NCT 2021’s mega project ‘Universe’ releasing on December 14.

Recently, SM Entertainment announced that NCT’s Winwin will be staying in China after opening a personal studio for acting activities.

While details of Winwin’s debut C-drama are still not out, fans are excited for the new beginning of the Chinese singer who will also be not a part of NCT 2021’s ‘Universe.’

NCT 2021’s new project ‘Universe’ will feature Ten, Mark, Johnny, Yuta, Sungchan, Taeyong, Jaemin, Jisung, Yangyang, Taeil, and Doyoung along with Jaehyun, Haechan, Renjun, Shotaro, Jungwoo, Chenle, Renjun, Jeno, Kun and Hendery.

Check the teaser for ‘Universe’ here. Watch Lucas-focused fancam below.

In other news, Fans demand Lucas' comeback from SM as NCT 2021 releases new teaser