On Monday, November 23, Malcolm X’s youngest daughter Malikah Shabazz was found dead in Brooklyn, New York. We take a look at her late mother Betty Shabazz.

The death of Malcolm X’s child, Malikah shocked many people across the world. Tributes began pouring in for the activist’s daughter as the news of her death began spreading online.

The 56-year-old had a twin sister named Malaak Shabazz, both of whom were born months after her their father’s assassination.

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Who was Betty Shabazz?

Betty whose real name was Betty Dean Sanders was a well-known American educator as well as civil rights advocate. She was married to Malcolm X for seven years between 1958 until his death in 1965.

The educator grew up in Detroit, Michigan, with foster parents and attended Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. It was during her time at the institution where Betty had her first encounters with racism.

She later moved to New York City and began working as a nurse. It was during this time, that she met Malcolm X and the couple tied the knot in 1958.

Following the civil rights activist’s death, Betty was left alone with the responsibility of raising six daughters as a widow. She decided to pursue higher education and began working at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York.

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How did Malikah Shabazz’s mother die?

In 1995, following the arrest of her second-born daughter Qubilah, Betty began caring for her ten-year-old grandson Malcolm.

In 1997, she passed away at the age of 61, in New York City’s Bronx hospital. The educator died three weeks after suffering extensive burns in a fire that was reportedly started by her troubled grandson, who was 12 at the time.

The shocking death of Malcolm X’s widow left many heartbroken.

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A brief look at Malcolm X’s family and kids

Malcolm X had six children with his wife Betty, all of them daughters: Qubilah, Attallah, Gamilah Lumumba, Ilyasah, Malaak, and Malikah. All of the orator’s daughters have the last name, Shabazz.

The orator’s eldest daughter, Attalah, was a schoolgirl in 1965 when the assassination occurred. She is 62, now, and works as a writer, and diplomat.

Qubilah, 60, was also very young when her father was assassinated.

Gamilah was only one in 1965 when Malcolm X died. She has gone to create a clothing line called Malcolm X Legacy, after her father’s name. The brand includes sweatshirts, hats, and T-shirts.

Ilyasah, 59, is a professor who promotes higher education for at-risk youth. She was also a member of the US Delegation that accompanied President Bill Clinton to South Africa during former President Nelson Mandela’s election.

Malaak, 56, who is Malikah’s twin is also a human rights activist.

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