Over one year after Aashram chapter 2 concluded, we breakdown the latest news about season 3 and what date it could potentially release on MX Player.

A season finale is always a tough watch as fans prepare to say goodbye to a fantastic series. Yet, that feeling of dread persists long after a series’ conclusion if that particular title’s future remains uncertain.

This is especially the case for fans of the web series ‘Aashram’, a series that became an instant classic when it first premiered back in late August; gaining more than 100 million views in just 5 days and 400 million by the time season 2 dropped a few months later.

However, one year has now passed since the conclusion of the second chapter on MX Player, so what do we know so far about Aashram season 3?

Aashram | Chapter 2 The Dark Side Official Trailer

Aashram | Chapter 2 The Dark Side Official Trailer

Aashram season 3 starts filming…

Fans will be happy to hear that production on season 3 of Aashram has already started in Bhopol, Madhya Pradesh.

Following the conclusion of chapter two, lead actor Bobby Deol stated that he is looking forward to the third season and thanked fans for the that the team had received.

Screenwriter Tejpal Singh Rawat added, “The audience expects a lot from you when you make two successful seasons, so it becomes your responsibility to come up with good content.”

“We have started researching for the next season and our team of writers are working on it, so draft by draft, we are trying to retain the characters as interesting as they were. We are trying to create more engaging and gritty plot.” – Tejpal Singh Rawat, via Koimoi.

However, fans had already been fairly confident that the third season would have been produced sooner or later. Despite having a slower and more methodical pace compared to the first season, chapter 2 ended on a rather abrupt cliff-hanger – suggesting that the production team already had a plan for another season.

Similarly, Aashram was loved by millions of fans around the world, with the first season being watched more than 400 million times! This makes it one of the flagship original titles for its parent streaming service; every platform needs at least one series to be its central draw for viewers and Aashram has become that series for MX Player.

Has a release date been confirmed for Aashram season 3?

Unfortunately, an official release date for Aashram season 3 has not been shared by either MX Player, Prakash Jha Productions or by the main cast.

Season 2 premiered on MX Player almost two months to the day that the first chapter debuted. Based on the assumption that production will follow a similar timeline, many fans were hopeful that the third season would premiere in either Spring or Summer 2021.

However, it’s now November and we still haven’t heard anything about a potential launch window. The good news for fans is that we know production on the third season has been ongoing for nearly two months.

Assuming that there will be several months of post-production work too, a likely release window for Aashram season 3 sits in March 2022.

Vandalism on the production set…

Unfortunately, it has already been a contentious production for the third chapter in Baba’s story, after the set was allegedly vandalised on October 25th, 2021.

According to the Asian News International media outlet, various vehicles on the set were damaged but thankfully, no one was fatally injured. However, Fimifare reported that the vandals threw ink into the face of director Prakash Jha.

Per the reports online, the vandals were allegedly associated with the Bajrang Dul activist group, who took offence at Aashram “portraying Hindus wrongly.”

Thankfully, production resumed shortly after, meaning that the vandalism should not delay the eventual release of Aashram season 3.

Fans should expect more information to be released by the end of the year, so keep checking back in for the latest news on Aashram season 3.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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