On Sunday 21st November, the Cleveland Browns took on the Detroit Lions and manage to go home with a very close 13-10 win.

The excruciatingly close score resulted in fans taking to the internet to share their thoughts on the game, and Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield’s wife also had something to say.

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Emily Mayfield calls out Baker’s teammates on Instagram

Emily Mayfield took to Instagram to call out the Browns players following the game, stating that “no one better say anything” about her husband. She wrote:

“No one better say anything bad about @bakermayfield after this game. I don’t think I have seen toughness like this in a while. Maybe the rest of the team should take the hint and get tougher.”

Following the backlash Emily took to Twitter to explain that she “loves the guys on this team” and respects “every single one of them.” She reaffirmed that she is “never hating on them” and stated that they are “all tough as hell.”

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Who is Emily Mayfield?

Emily Wilkinson Mayfield married football star Baker Mayfield in July 2019. The couple tied the knot at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu with several notable guests in the audience including Sterling Shepard and Saquon Barkley.

Although Baker may be a more recognisable name, Emily is well-known in her own right as she boasts over 230 thousand followers on Instagram.

This is not the first time Emily has taken to social media to defend her husband, and in 2019 she shared a post which read: ““Fair weather fans are HILARIOUS to me. Get out of here lol.”

Emily clarified her remarks and explained: “LOL didn’t expect to ruffle so many feathers with my ‘fair weather fans’ comment yesterday. No, I was not directing that at the die-hard, loyal fans who have stuck around for YEARS. I’m talking about the idiots who say HORRIBLE things about my husband and the team when we lose, and are back to obsessing when we win. That is laughable to me.”