A recent video showing Instagram influencer Fyza, of the sister duo SoniaxFyza, using a racial slur over Snapchat has gone viral.

People took to Twitter and TikTok to share their disdain over the video but Fyza has refused to apologise, stating on Instagram that people need to “know both sides” before judging her reaction.

SoniaxFyza face backlash after Snapchat video goes viral

A video showing Fyza sending voice messages to someone via Snapchat has gone viral, as the influencer can be heard using racial slurs towards someone who allegedly spoke badly about their mother.

Fyza can be heard saying: “You’re mad I’m pretty, I’m hot, I live in an arab country.”

She continues on: “Go back to where you’re f**king from, where they f**k donkeys for a living have no fucking money, a s**t a** f**king currency and no one gives a f**k about them.”

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Fyza also used a racist slur several times.

The video was shared onto TikTok and fashion brand Missguided commented on the post, writing: “This video has recently been brought to our attention and we do not tolerate any form or racism or discrimination.”

Fyza posts Instagram story refusing to apologise

Following the backlash, Fyza took to their Instagram story to upload a post discussing the situation. She stated:

“Just because I am a social media influencer does not mean I don’t have the sane rights as anyone else to defend myself.”

She continued on to write:

“I won’t apologise for defending myself in anger because I simply had enough, and stop trying to claim my sister and I, we have nothing to do with your community or your people no matter how much you want to force it or convince us or yourselves or even people we know because we simply don’t care.”

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Who are SoniaxFyza?

Sonia and Fyza are two sisters known for being Instagram influencers and make up artists. They are also widely recognised for their strong resemblance to Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

Their joint Instagram has over 1 million Instagram and they also have a fashion collection with Missguided. Many of their posts are fashion and make up oriented.

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