Iggy the Imaginary Friend has won the hearts of viewers in the Christmas advert for McDonald’s.

R&B star Mabel covers Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper in the ad where the fast-food giant will be donating 10p from every download to food charity Fareshare. It is part of the mission to fund the redistribution of five million meals to families in need this Christmas.

But fans of the fast-food giant have been left wondering: Is Iggy the Imaginary Friend an actual toy?

Iggy the Imaginary Friend

The heartwarming ad tells the tale of a young girl named Matilda, and her lifelong friendship with her imaginary friend Iggy. As the advert progresses, we see Iggy get forgotten about as Matilda grows into a confident young woman. However, she is reminded of her old friend once more when she visits a McDonald’s restaurant and sees a child playing nearby.

When explaining the concept of Iggy Jules Janaud, VFX Supervisor said: “His fur is quite long and fluffy like mohair, his socks and horns are hand-knitted, his scales made of felt and he even has a tinsel tail. All of these materials had to be meticulously designed and groomed using our own custom hair system generated in Houdini and all of these features had to be simulated individually to make Iggy physically believable.”

Pam & Tommy | Teaser Trailer | Hulu

Is Iggy the Imaginary Friend available to purchase?

Unfortunately, Iggy the Imaginary Friend from the heartwarming McDonald’s advert is unavailable to purchase.

However, you can get your hands on other festive friends, such as Kevin the Carrot and Ebanana Scrooge from the Aldi Christmas advert. Currently, ‘A Christmas Carrot Bundle’ is on sale for £15.95 and it includes the main cast of characters from the latest Christmas chapter, Kevin the Carrot, Ebanana Scrooge and Marcus Radishford.

Fans call for Iggy the Imaginary Friend plush toys

Fans of the fast-food giant have called for Iggy to be made into a plush toy, so keep an eye out as that could soon be a reality.

One user wrote: “This is my favourite 2021 ad so far. Not because I like McDonald’s food but would definitely buy a Happy Meal if there was a iggy inside.”

While another wrote: “Everyone needs an iggy in their life’s over Christmas and a cheeky burger from McDonald’s.”

Another said: “hey @McDonalds any chance we will be able to buy an Iggy #McDonalds #ReindeerReady.”

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