Get excited, TV buffs. A second season of ‘Black Mafia Family’ has been announced, focusing on the true crime story of the Flenory brothers.

BMF might be a hit on TV, but how much do you know about the real-life arrest of Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory? We’re revisiting the 2007 arrest and sentencing.

Who is Big Meech?

Demetrius Flenory, AKA Big Meech, notoriously established a drug ring, known as Black Mafia Family, with his brother Terry.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Big Meech oversaw cocaine distribution sells in numerous states, including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, and Mississippi, The Sun reports.

The drug ’empire’ operated in the 1980s, peaking in 2003. However, in 2001, brother Terry reportedly relocated to Los Angeles to run his own operation.

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2007 Big Meech arrest revisited

In 2007, both Big Meech and his brother pleaded guilty to running a criminal enterprise and were sentenced to 30 years in prison. The brothers reportedly pleaded guilty after incriminating evidence was presented by prosecutors at their trial.

The Sun reports that two outside individuals were said to have ‘snitched’ on Big Meech.

However, Demetrius Flenory is due for release in 2028 after the United States Sentencing Guidelines made amendments 782 and 788 to revise all drug offense that occurred before late 2014.

Most recently, in October of this year, Meech was spotted doing charity work which could help towards an early release.

BFM Season 2 announced

Seeing 50 Cent as executive producer, BFM has now been renewed for a second season.

The Stars TV series focuses on the true story of the Flenory brothers, and even sees Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory’s son star in the show.

In talks with Metro, 50 Cent explained: “There’s so much to really get to…. they had business in St. Louis, we’ve got to get to Atlanta and we’ve still got to get to LA. And to Mexico to get the drugs.

“It’s almost like a different city every season we’ve got to get to, just tell a picture of the full story.”

It’s not currently clear when viewers will get to see a second season of BFM, but we’re eagerly anticipating!

BMF | Official Trailer | STARZ

BMF | Official Trailer | STARZ

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