Battlefield 2042 has only just launched but we can look ahead to its DLC roadmap list and Season 1 content for 2022.

Its launch hasn’t been well received by fans as it’s currently one of the worst reviewed games on Steam. This is because of a myriad of technical issues and bugs, but many fans are also not happy with the design decisions and choices made by DICE.

Hopefully the bugs and technical faults will be improved over the next few patches, but – aside from improvements – we won’t see much happening until next year.

Battlefield 2042 | Gameplay Portal Trailer

Battlefield 2042 | Gameplay Portal Trailer

Battlefield 2042 DLC roadmap

DICE and EA have shared a brief DLC roadmap for Battlefield 2042 which predicts four seasons for 2022.

Below is everything that will be added to the game next year provided there’s no delays:

  • Four seasons
  • Four specialists
  • New locations and maps
  • Battlefield Portal content
  • Four Battle Passes

When does Battlefield 2042 Season 1 start?

There is no start date for Battlefield 2042 Season 1 but EA and DICE has said that more details will be delivered in early 2022.

As for what we can expect during the first season, EA’s blog post merely states that there will be a new Specialist, Battle Pass, and Portal content. They also tease that there may be “some new sights to see”.


The day one patch was delivered on November 19th and EA’s official patch notes say that two moreupdates will be delivered over the next 30 days suggesting a deadline of December 18th.

Often reliable leaker Tom Henderson claims that the next two patches will be delivered on November 29th and December 7th. These haven’t been announced by either EA or DICE, so they are not official.

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