The hit League of Legends animated series ‘Arcane’ has been renewed for season 2 by Riot Games, but what date could it release worldwide through Netflix?

Both fans of League of Legends and fans of Netflix’s animated content knew that the Arcane series was going to be good; but did any of us expect it to be this good?

The animated series from French production company Fortiche made its debut on November 6th to a fantastic reception, only to go supernova after the launch of Act Two last week.

However, all good things must come to an end, with the final three episodes making up Act Three premiering around the world on November 20th.

As fans around the world digest the epic series finale, we breakdown everything that you need to know about Arcane season 2 and its potential release date on Netflix!

Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix

Has Arcane season 2 been confirmed?

It’s fantastic news for fans of Arcane, the hit series has indeed been renewed for season 2 by Riot Games, Netflix and Fortiche Productions!

The announcement was first made by the series’ official Twitter page in the early hours of this morning, November 21st, who shared a short teaser video – see below.

“We’re beyond happy about the positive response to ‘Arcane’s’ first season and are working hard with the creative wizards at Riot and [French animation studio] Fortiche to deliver our second installment.” – Showrunners Christian Linke and Alex Yee, via Variety.

However, President of Riot Entertainment Shauna Spenley had already hinted in a recent interview with the LA Times that there was “more to come” from the team when it comes to these multi-media projects.

Explaining how she doesn’t think “Hollywood realizes how massive this [League of Legends] is”, Spenley believes that the goal is “to imagine what a more approachable version of ‘League of Legends’ looks like” – referring to the form of television series like Arcane.

“I think that we have a huge opportunity to build amazing organic stories inside of this world, and for it to quietly build and become the IP that defines a generation. It’s going to take a little time.” – Shauna Spenley, via the LA Times.

Whilst fans will be delighted with the announcement, many were aware that the series’ future was bright thanks to the availability of source material.

League of Legends has an incredibly deep lore, with countless characters each having their own backstory that could be explored. This was emphasised in the season 1 finale or Arcane, with many fans desperate to know what will happen in the seconds, minutes and weeks after that decisive rocket strike.

However, Arcane season 2 may not be limited to a single narrative. If the second season did not directly continue the story from episode 9, Upcomer notes that it could instead focus on The Noxian invasion, The Solari-Lunari conflict, Luz and Garen’s hunt for Sylas, or about the mercenary Sivir.

“You can’t farm out heart. It has to be built properly. Players can tell. They’re looking for elements they can identify with. I don’t think you can build that easily with outside partners. I think that has to be built from within. At this point, we’re trying to figure out how to re-create that as we step into live action and other stories.” – Shauna Spenley, via the LA Times.

The source material is deep; the motivation to succeed is there; and the resources are available. Therefore, the only potential caveat in whether Arcane season 2 would be ordered was the popularity i.e., the number of streams on Netflix and the income generated across Riot Games titles.

How was Arcane season 1 rated?

As with any Netflix title, renewals are almost entirely dependent on the number of households that stream a series or movie. Unfortunately, Netflix does not typically reveal the viewership’s statistics for their streamed titles, making it difficult to gauge the audience’s size.

The good news is that Arcane has indeed been watched by enough people to merit a second season after it dethroned the global phenomenon Squid Game as Netflix’s most-watched series.

The series also received an exceptional response from both fans and critics from around the world. At the time of writing, Arcane is scoring an incredible 9.4/10 on IMDB; making it both the most popular original Netflix title and the second-most-popular TV series on IMDB!

Similar scores can be found across other user-based feedback websites, including a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and 9.3/10 on MetaCritic.

“I am a newbie to the source material, but the first 3 episodes of this show blew me away! Groundbreaking/beautiful animation, awesome environments, spectacular cinematography, cool musical choice, compelling characters, great voice casting/acting, and some interesting Sci-Fi/Fantasy lore!” – User ‘stevebondi’, via IMDB.

So, we know that a sequel instalment to Arcane is in production, but what date will season 2 release on Netflix?

What date could Arcane season 2 release?

Unfortunately, the renewal announcement for season 2 did not disclose a targeted release date for Arcane’s return. However, we can make some early predictions based on the production timeline for season 1.

The series was first announced in a teaser video on the League of Legends YouTube channel in October 2019 and was scheduled to premiere in 2020, before complications associated with the coronavirus pandemic forced a delay to the eventual release.

Unfortunately, very few details on the actual production are available online, but the series was likely developed over an 11–14-month cycle.

Assuming that season 2 will experience a similar production schedule, fans could see Arcane return to Netflix as soon as October 2022 – although this depends on whether the team already know the direction that a sequel will take.

In this manner, HITC predicts that each new season of Arcane will focus on different League of Legends champions and their backstories; potentially streamlining future production.

This article will be updated as soon as more information on the release date for Arcane season 2 is shared by an official source.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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