A rising star in college football for the University of Georgia, Jordan Davis is likely to be drafted to the NFL in 2022, but what is his 40-yard dash time? And just what is his height and weight?

Davis, a defensive tackle, is currently a senior at the University of Georgia, studying towards a major in religion.

On Saturday against Charleston Southern, he scored a one-yard rushing touchdown – the first of his career.

Davis is likely to be a first-round pick in the 2022 NFL draft next season.

After his touchdown, it left some wanting to know a little more about the DT.

Just what is his 40-yard dash time, and what exactly is his weight and height?

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Jordan Davis 40-yard dash time for Georgia

Used by NFL scouts to measure a potential pick’s speed and power, the 40-yard dash can have a major impact on a player’s ranking in the draft.

Georgia’s Jordan Davis’ 40-yard dash time is around 4.8s.

That might seem slow compared to some others, but the defensive capabilities of Davis, and his sheer size make him a formable opponent on college pitches.

Given his standout performances for the Bulldogs and his TD against Charleston, Davis is a contender for the Heisman Trophy.

The trophy is presented to the most outstanding college football player in the NCAA Division 1.

What is his height and weight?

Davis’s sub-five second time for the 40-yard dash might not seem impressive, given what other NFL players have achieved.

But when you take into account his height and weight, sub-five seconds is a pretty good time.

He stands 1.98m tall – that’s 6ft 4in.

His weight is 330 lbs. That equates to a hefty 23.5 stone.

To be able to move that frame and run 40 yards in less than five seconds, is rather impressive.

The average 40-yard dash time for defensive tackles between 2000-2012 according to the NFL was 5.06s.

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