Netflix has just launched their latest original Indian thriller movie called ‘Dhamaka’, but is this film based on either a true story or on real events?

It’s going to be a busy weekend for fans of fantastic Netflix content.

Not only did the live-action adaptation of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ and new Korean drama ‘Hellbound’ launch worldwide, but the streaming platform also released their latest original Indian production, ‘Dhamaka’

A thrilling tale from veteran director and producer Ram Madhvani, starring Kartik Aaryan, the film was the November-highlight for many fans of Indian cinema.

However, many of those same fans are now wondering whether the movie is actually based on a true story?

What is Dhamaka about?

Dhamaka centres around a television news anchor and journalist called Arjun Pathak, who has experienced a fall in grace, and ratings, thanks to an unsavoury incident at his broadcasting station.

One day, Pathak receives a threatening phone call from someone claiming to be a terrorist who is about to blow up a local bridge. Whilst he initially blows it off as a prank or hoax, he watches in horror as the bridge blows up live on national television.

Instead of going to the authorities, Pathak sees an opportunity to rebuild his career as a news anchor and decides to keep in contact with the terrorist on the other end of the phone.

“When a cynical ex-TV news anchor gets an alarming call on his radio show, he sees a chance for a career comeback – but it may cost him his conscience.” Dhamaka, via Netflix.

Dhamaka | Official Trailer | Netflix India

Dhamaka | Official Trailer | Netflix India

Is Dhamaka a true story or based on real events?

No, Dhamaka is neither based on a true story nor real events and is actually a remake of a South Korean thriller film called The Terror Live – which is also not a true story.

The Terror Live featured veteran actor Ha Jung-Woo in the leading role of Yoon Young-Hwa, the character played by Kartik Aaryan in Dhamaka, and was produced by Kim Byung-Woo.

Despite having a very small budget of only 3.5 billion Korean Won (around $3.12 million) and opening on the same day as the Snowpiercer blockbuster, the film was a massive success.

Not only did The Terror Live place second at the South Korean box office but just 19 days after its premiere, more than 5 million moviegoers had experienced it in theatres.

Kim Byung-woo won awards for The Terror Live at the 14th Busan Film Critics Awards, the 22nd Buil Film Awards and 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards. Whilst lead actor Ha Jung-Woo earned a Best Actor award and even won the 34th Golden Cinema Festivals coveted Grand Prize in Acting.

As far as we can tell, a situation like that which is portrayed in Dhamaka and The Terror Live has never happened before; specifically, when a threat to public safety is reported live via a particular news anchor or host. However, there have been many times where reporters, journalists and members of television stations have been threatened before.

How is Dhamaka being rated so far?

At the time of writing, Dhamaka has only been available to stream through Netflix for a few hours, but the movie is currently scoring a remarkable 9.5/10 on IMDB with multiple extremely positive reviews.

However, not every film critic is reviewing Dhamaka in a similar light, with arguably the most positive critique coming from the Hindustan Times.

Author Monika Rawal Kukreja praises both the Dhamaka’s acting and directing, stating that Ram Madhvani “creates a world within one room that is full of tension, action, reaction and a sense of urgency.”

“If you like thrillers, Dhamaka won’t disappoint you and Kartik Aaryan, definitely impresses with his never-seen-before avatar and a convincing performance.” – The Hindustan Times.

Unfortunately, many of the other major reviews have been rather underwhelming, with The Times of India giving Dhamaka only 3/5 stars and stating that “you don’t feel invested in its characters emotionally.”

Another 3/5 rating was given by The Quint, who conclude that it’s only Kartik Aaryan and a short runtime [that] makes the film watchable.”

Similarly, NDTV explains how lead actor Kartik Aaryan carries the weight of Dhamaka on his shoulders with admirable panache” but the movie is not as impactful as it should have been.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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