What time will Dragon Ball Super chapter 78 release around the world and where can you read the official preview spoilers online?

Dragon Ball Super remains one of the most popular manga releases in the world, despite being serialised for more than six years!

The monthly releases may be frustrating at times for fans of the series, but the hype and anticipation for each new chapter easily makes up for this.

As we move closer towards the release date for chapter 78, we reveal when fans can read the latest edition of Dragon Ball Super and share the official opening storyboard spoilers!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Official Movie Trailer

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Official Movie Trailer

How to read Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is available to read online through the Viz Media and Manga Plus services.

The first three chapters and the three most-recently published chapters are available to read for free on both platforms.

However, accessing the entire library of Dragon Ball Super content on either service requires a membership subscription. At the time of writing, a membership package is priced at $1.99 a month.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 78: Release date and time

Dragon Ball Super chapter 78 is scheduled to release around the world on Friday, November 19th.

According to the Dragon Ball Super page on Manga Plus, the new chapter will launch at the following international times:

  • Pacific Time: 7 AM
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM
  • British Time: 3 PM
  • European Time: 4 PM
  • India Time: 8.30 PM
  • Philippine Time: 11 PM
  • Australia Time: 1.30 AM (November 20th)

This article will be updated if there is a change to the scheduled release of Dragon Ball Super chapter 78.

Spoilers from the draft pages…

Whilst most of the main spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 78 haven’t yet been circulated online, the opening storyboard for the upcoming chapter has been shared by the official website.

Giving fans a brief preview of the upcoming chapter, the Dragon Ball Super blog post opens with a brief introduction to where we are currently at in the story.

“Chapter 77 saw the mysteries surrounding the horrific attack on Planet Cereal 40 years ago finally revealed, and it turns out that it was none other than Goku’s father, Bardock, who had saved a young Granolah. A more devastating revelation, though, was that it was actually Elec, the leader of the shadowy Heeters organization and the one who has been pulling the strings behind Granolah and Goku & Vegeta’s clash, who had slain Granolah’s mother!!” – Dragon Ball Super 78 Sneak Peak, via website.

Chapter 78 in the series will “see the Heeters play their hand” and if they have “succeeded in unlocking the power of the Dragon Balls, but what will their wish be…?!”

You can see the entire storyboard release here.

The new Dragon Ball Super movie…

Fans of the iconic series are also looking forward to the release of a new Dragon Ball Super movie, titled ‘Super Hero’.

Original author Akira Toriyama will again be at the helm, but very few details on either the storyline or production have been shared.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is scheduled to release in Japanese theatres in 2022; however, neither a specific date nor international launch window has been shared.

“I really shouldn’t talk too much about the plot yet, but be prepared for some extreme and entertaining bouts, which may feature an unexpected character.” – Akira Toriyama, via Dragon Ball Official.

Toriyama would also clarify that the team will be “charting through some unexplored territory in terms of the visual aesthetics” so prepare for some amazing-looking fight sequences.

This article will be updated as soon as more spoilers are leaked online for DBS chapter 78.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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