Adele’s much-awaited new album ’30’ has sent fans into an emotional meltdown and many have reacted with memes on Twitter.

Fans all over the world have been crying their eyes out since the release of Adele’s new album which focuses on heartbreaks, failed relationships and self-growth.

If you are one of millions of people who have listened to all of the tracks, you might have already come across some memes and reactions on social media.

So, here are 21 posts we’ve gathered to celebrate Adele’s album.

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21 emotional Adele ’30’ memes

Adele’s new album explained in one single meme.

This is literally us listening to the whole album right now.

Going from ‘My Little Love’ to ‘Cry Your Heart Out’.

“All because I wanted to be loved” has sent fans into an emotional meltdown.

Adele’s ‘To Be Loved’ hit different for some.

If you are searching for that one person to love you, look in the mirror.

Adele got people to divorce the partners they don’t have yet…

One word – perfect. Chandler agrees as well.

Literally everyone after hearing the voice memo in ‘My Little Love’.

Adele showing her fans the different kinds of love in her albums.

It’s been only five seconds and we’re all in tears.

Adele said you won’t EVER get a woman like me.

Sobbing after hearing “I created this storm, it’s only fair I have to sit in its rain.”

Here’s another one…

Going from track 3 to track 4 like this.

Pass us the wine and tissues.

Okay, we stan with this tweet.

The soundtrack of my life.

All morning listening to ’30’.

One fan is beyond grateful for ‘My Little Love’ to re-discover their inner child.

Adele’s ’30’ is simply brilliant.

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