Stanley Johnson, the Prime Minister’s father, has denied accusations by two women this month (including a Conservative MP) who claimed that he touched them inappropriately

Johnson denied the claims stating that he has “no recollection” of Caroline Nokes (the first women to make a claim) at all. Following his response, political correspondent Ailbhe Rea tweeted claims that she had also been groped by Johnson, to which SJ also denied.

Now, in the midst of the situation, political journalist Isabel Oakeshott took to Twitter to share her view on Stanley Johnson…

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Who is Isabel Oakeshott?

Isabel Oakeshott is a 47-year-old British political journalist and broadcaster. She was born in Westminster, London, and graduated from the University of Bristol with a bachelor’s degree in history.

In 2006, Oakeshott became the deputy political editor at The Sunday Times before becoming political editor in 2010. A year later, in 2011, she was awarded the title of “Political Journalist of the Year” at The Press Awards.

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Oakeshott shares three children with ex-husband Nigel Rosser, from whom she split in 2018.

What did Isabel Oakeshott say about Stanley Johnson?

Following the recent allegations made against Stanley Johnson, Isabel Oakeshott took to Twitter to share her views on the situation.

In a tweet posted on November 17th, Oakeshott stated that while “the charming Stanley Johnson can be a little over-friendly-indeed handsy,” she does not believe that it is a police matter.

Oakeshott continued on to state that “officers should focus their limited resources on investigating real crimes.”

Isabel Oakeshott responds to backlash over tweet

Political correspondent Kate McCann responded to Oakeshott’s tweet explaining that while she may be “OK with someone being handsy” other women may not be.

McCann called Oakeshott out and stated that her tweet suggests that women “ought to just ignore” harassment, and her take on the situation “diminishes” the women who have spoken out.

Oakeshott replied to McCann with another tweet and said: “Nope, I’m not “okay” with it. What I’ve said is that in this case, it’s not worthy of a criminal investigation. That’s all.”