TikTok users recently got a notification regarding the class-action lawsuit settlement. Here’s how you can join.

The social media app has landed itself in trouble with the law.

As per recent court documents, a proposed $92 million settlement is pending against TikTok, Inc., as a part of a Consumer Privacy Litigation.

The lawsuit alleges that the company “violated federal and state law by collecting and using” personal data “in connection with their use of the TikTok – Make Your Day video-sharing application.”

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How to join TikTok’s class-action lawsuit

As per TikTok, nationwide class and Illinois subclass members are eligible for the settlement. The nationwide class includes everyone who resides in the United States and were using the app prior to September 30, 2021.

Reports suggest that Illinois residents who were TikTok users since before Sept. 30 are entitled to six times the payment.

To be able to encash on the lawsuit, users need to submit a form at Tiktokdataprivacysettlement.com. It can also be printed and mailed in.

TikTok is offering to pay for its class action settlement in four different ways:

  • PayPal, with the help of your PayPal email address.
  • Venmo for which you need to link your mobile number to your Venmo account.
  • Virtual prepaid card.
  • A physical check mailed to your address.

App’s legal battle explained

A BBC report reveals that lawyers have alleged that TikTok had taken the minor’s personal information such as phone numbers, biometric data, location, and etc without issuing a sufficient warning.

The lawsuit further claims that the said information was taken without the minor or parents being informed.

However, it isn’t just the social media platform that is has come under fire. Apps such as Muscal.ly, and TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, have been mentioned too.

In response to these allegations, TikTok said: “Privacy and safety are top priorities for TikTok and we have robust policies, processes, and technologies in place to help protect all users and our teenage users in particular. We believe the claims lack merit and intend to vigorously defend the action.”

In simple words, the app is denying these allegations.

Lawsuit’s deadlines to keep in mind

There are two deadlines to keep in mind for TikTok’s class-action lawsuit.

January 31: Deadline to object and tell the court that you don’t like the settlement. It is also the last day to be excluded from the settlement if you don’t wish to receive the benefits.

March 1: Last day to submit your claim to receive a payment from the social media app.

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