Do you ever come across something on social media that you wish you’d never seen at all?

As you’re scrolling through TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, all sorts of disturbing things pop up on your feed that leave you wanting to bleach out your eyes.

This week, one of those traumatising videos has been making the rounds on Twitter, and people have been taking to TikTok to warn others not to watch it.

TikTok – NASA Football Trailer

TikTok – NASA Football Trailer

Perverse Family Twitter video goes viral

Right now, something is going viral on Twitter called the ‘Perverse Family video’ which has left social media users traumatised.

If you come across it on Twitter, I advise you not to watch it. No, seriously. Don’t.

I haven’t watched it myself and have no intention of watching it, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s extremely unpleasant.

TikTok reactions to Peverse Family video

What is the Perverse Family?

Also called the ‘leg video’, the short clip was posted by a Twitter account called the Perverse Family, or the Perverse Household as they’re also known.

The profile stems from a website of the same name which comes loaded with the description: “Perverse household members are lovers of fetish who have no boundaries.”

If that wasn’t enough to stray you well away from watching the traumatising video, I don’t know what is.

The ‘team’ includes Charlie and Susan who are apparently a married couple – although we can assume and hope that these are just made-up characters.

It also includes Anna, who is Charlie’s adopted daughter (classic), son Damien, second cousin Jane, grandfather Joseph and some guy called Ivan who is described as the “servant”.

Believe it or not but people pay up to $30 a month for this sh*t.

If you want to go digging for more info about the Perverse Family, don’t. Everything you need to know is right here in this article. Any more would scar you for life!

Right, if you’re still thinking of searching for the video on Twitter, here are some TikTok reactions that are sure to put you off…

TikTok reacts to viral video

“I want to die it was so traumatising, the whole leg, the whole head,” one person wrote.

Whole leg? Whole head? I don’t want to know.

“Whatever you do, don’t look up Perverse Family on Twitter. Biggest mistake of my life,” said another.

I will be keeping well away, and you should too.

A third person wrote “me while watching perverse family on Twitter” alongside a video where they looked totally traumatised.

Sounds like the clip is scarring everyone!

“I can’t believe that show has three seasons and also people are enjoying it,” wrote another.

Show? Three seasons? There’s…more? God help us all.

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