The mayor of Cambridge (Maryland) Andrew Bradshaw was charged with 50 counts of violating a state law for allegedly posting explicit pictures of an ex, The Independent has reported.

The allegations against Andrew Bradshaw come from an unnamed former romantic partner. Maryland previously enacted a law that made it a crime to share certain pictures on the internet without someone’s consent.

The name of the mayor’s ex is unclear but attention turned on his current partner, who is called Natalee Tubman.

Who is Andrew Bradshaw?

Andrew Bradshaw is the mayor of Cambridge, a town based in the US state of Maryland.

He took office in January this year, becoming the town’s youngest mayor.

The 32-year-old politician graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Political Science, History, and Law and Society.

He also has a minor certificate in Labor Studies and Employment Relations.

Who is Natalee Tubman?

Natalee Tubman is Andrew’s current romantic partner, as reported by The Sun. The two have been romantically linked since at least 2019, as per social media posts and the outlet.

She serves as a social worker and lives in Cambridge, Maryland.

As seen in online posts, Natalee loves to get involved with organisations that promote animal welfare and has used social media to raise money for some charities.

Natalee actively supports other people’s fundraising campaigns and raises awareness about them on the internet.

Has Andrew Bradshaw responded?

Andrew’s attorney, Michael J Belsky, issued a statement to The Independent on Tuesday, November 16th which says:

“The allegations against Mayor Bradshaw involve private matters that are unfortunately playing themselves out in a public forum. Nothing about the allegations in any way affect Mayor Bradshaw’s desire and intent to continue to lead all the citizens of Cambridge.”

Meanwhile, state prosecutor Charlton Howard III addressed the allegations against the mayor and said in a statement: “Using someone’s private images without their consent is a serious breach of trust and invasion of privacy, and the power and breadth of the internet make such a violation even more egregious.

“Our office is committed to protecting victims from those who abuse their positions of power and trust.”

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