The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is now out and lots of fans are confused about how to check and track their player stats.

It’s available to download for free and is the online companion to Master Chief’s returning campaign in December. While the campaign isn’t free-to-play like its multiplayer, you will still be able to play it at no added cost if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber.

While we eagerly await the next chapter in Master Chief’s story, lots of people are trying to enjoy its online sidekick.

Halo Infinite | A New Generation Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Halo Infinite | A New Generation Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

How to check Halo Infinite stats

The only way to check and track your lifetime Halo Infinite player stats right now is by using Halotracker.

This is a third-party website which covers dozens of multiplayer games from Infinite to Fortnite and CoD. Unfortunately, it’s not a guaranteed solution as people on Reddit are reporting issues with it.

Some say that it only works on mobile instead of PC, and you may also only yield results by searching your gamertag instead of linking your profile.

The Halo Waypoint app is available to download, but this doesn’t track Infinite stats either as of writing. Hopefully this will all be amended when the beta ends.

When does the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta end?

The end date for the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is December 8th.

Fans are hoping that the ability to track lifetime stats will be added post-beta, but nothing in 343’s Welcome post suggests that it will. The post merely says that ‘all systems are good-to-go’ and that there may be some bugs and bumps along the way.

It’s possible that the feature could be added as the developers are anticipating a huge increase in players. Although unofficial, perhaps lifetime progress is not available to see right now because the game is still technically a beta and hasn’t reached season one.

Season 1

The first season will start on December 8th and all your progress from the beta will carry over.

If you purchased the premium Battle Pass or haven’t completed the free version by December 8th, both options will not expire. Unfortunately, lots of people are unhappy with how Battle Passes level up.

Weekly Challenges seem set to stay as the leveling up route, so no changes appear to be planned for that, either.

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