BTS Jungkook aka the Gen Z fashion icon of K-pop is famed for his ‘edgy’ yet ‘off duty’ airport looks that can make an effortless fashion statement. With Jungkook giving us top-tier airport fashion 2021, we are taking a look at a few of JK’s iconic airport outfits hailed by fashion experts.

BTS left for the LA concert and AMAs 2021 on November 17th morning and ARMY went all praise for the dapper outfits donned by the Grammy-nominated group members.

BTS Jungkook in particular has managed his own ‘niche’ for airport fashion where he seamlessly blends different silhouettes and casually rocks ‘grungy’ fashion outfits.

Jungkook redefining ‘edgy’ and ‘off duty’ fashion with ‘grungy’ airport looks

Fashion expert George Hollins reviewed BTS Jungkook’s airport fashion and branded it the best of ‘edgy’ fashion. Speaking of the main vocalist’s stunning airport style, Hollins said, ‘I really love Jungkook’s style. It is edgy, it is dark, it is grungy and sexy, you can not deny that.”

Here are some of the looks that made it to the fashion expert’s list of best of Jungkook’s airport style.

  1. Black on Black

BTS Jungkook’s signature Black on Black airport outfit with a long trench coat and combat boots made it to the best of airport-style getting a ten out of ten from the fashion reviewer.

2. Oversized puffer jacket paired with a plaid shirt

The ‘Euphoria’ crooner showed how to play with color while still slaying the black overall look in this puffer jacket, oversized shirt, cuff jeans, and grungy boots, the definition of ‘perfect’ edgy fashion, the reviewer said.

3. Black leather jacket and bucket hat

Jungkook caused a live meltdown on social media when his black leather jackets with bucket hat look from London surfaced first. JK was also flaunting the printed shirt that Emmy-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg gifted to him on the Graham Norton show. The look got a solid 10 out of 10 from the fashion critic.

BTS Jungkook’s top tier airport looks of 2021 explored

Jungkook has managed to take his airport fashion to a whole new level in 2021. From monogram tie-dye Louis Vuitton shirt, cargo denim for NYC airport to all-Black fit for traveling to LA, fans can’t have enough of Jungkook’s airport looks.

Swooning over the charismatic member’s airport fashion, a fan said, “iconic Jungkook airport look written in the history books- his all-black fits PERIOD!”


Another fan added, “Jungkook all-black airport outfit really hits different!!!”

Which airport outfit of Jungkook is your favorite? Tell us @HITCculture. Watch BTS leaving for LA from Incheon airport below.

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