The new Dragon Ball The Breakers game has just been announced and it’s basically Dead By Daylight with only some differences to DBD.

This isn’t the only DBD clone coming out soon as Prop Night is set to launch on November 30th. This is basically the same game as BeHaviour Interactive’s horror juggernaut but with Prop Hunt thrown into the equation.

While we’re excited for the imminent release of Prop Night, soon fans will also get to enjoy another horror multiplayer game but with Raiders and civilians.

Dragon Ball | The Breakers Announcement Trailer

Dragon Ball | The Breakers Announcement Trailer

How Dragon Ball The Breakers is like Dead By Daylight

The new Dragon Ball The Breakers game is similar to Dead By Daylight as it’s a multiplayer title in which survivors must escape a map while avoiding the killer.

Only this time the killers are called Raider and the survivors are civilians. Just like DBD with generators, the civilians must complete a bunch of tasks to create a Super Time Machine to leave the map and deadly baddie behind.

And, while the civilians are focused on creating this machine, all the Raider cares about is killing them in whichever order. It’s basically DBD or Friday The 13th if you prefer that.


There is a couple of differences between Dragon Ball The Breakers and Dead By Daylight other than the anime appearance.

The game’s website says that it will feature eight-person bouts in which one is the Raider and seven people are the civilians. DBD instead has five-person bouts with four survivors and one killer.

BeHaviour Interactive has perks for both survivors and villains, meanwhile DB is slightly different. This is because the Raider gradually grows stronger by completing certain conditions and has a final form to reach their full arsenal of abilities and power.

As for the civilians, they also have skills but can use items scattered around the map, too. Plus, while confronting the killer in DBD is a terrible idea, in Dragon Ball The Breakers survivors are given a Dragon Change move which brings them the power of a Z fighter.

So, while in the other game you’re always running and hiding, in Dragon Ball you will sometimes be able to say enough and fight back.

Release date

There is no release date for when the game is coming out other than sometime in 2022.

It will be available on PC via Steam as well as PlayStation 4 and 5. It’s also coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Series X.

While we haven’t seen too much of the game, we are excited for its arrival as Dragon Ball meets Dead By Daylight could be a perfect mismatch that we never knew we wanted.

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