Danielle Cohn seemingly confirmed her age during her latest Instagram live amidst ongoing drama with ex-boyfriend Mikey Tua.

The TikTok star’s age has always made her fans curious. Many believe that Danielle has kept her ‘real age’ under wraps for years now.

However, the star seemingly revealed her ‘real’ age during a recent Insta live while addressing her ex-boyfriend Mikey’s comments.

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Danielle Cohn seemingly confirms her real age

Mikey claimed that Danielle was only 12-years-old when they first started dating. The influencer also claimed that he had no idea that she was that young.

Responding to Mikey’s claims, Danielle took to her Insta live and said, “the things he is saying, are already kind of on the internet.” Many fans thought that the star was implying what Mikey had claimed was true.

The video was reposted on the TikTok Insiders Insta page and in the comments, many fans speculated if Danielle was finally admitting her age.

Screenshot via TikTok Insiders | Instagram
Screenshot via TikTok Insiders | Instagram

For the unversed, Danielle and Mikey got together in 2018. If the former was 12 then, she must be only 15 now. The TikTok star gained a lot of infamy over the years as fans alleged that she has been lying about her age.

If Danielle is 15 now, this means her birth year is 2004.

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Mikey Tua’s claims about ex-girlfriend explored

After his podcast appearance went viral the 19-year-old star took to his Insta stories to talk further about the subject.

He wrote, “The past three years have been hard for me and speaking up is a part of my healing.”

Screenshot via Mikey Tua’s Instagram

He went on to make more claims about Danielle and her mother. The influencer wrote, “I stayed quiet which is what you and your mom told me to do under the threat that you would accuse me of horrible things if I spoke.”

Danielle who took to her Insta stories to respond to Mikey’s claims accused him of disrespecting her and her family. She also accused him of lying saying, “I watched you sit there and lie about me constantly.”

Screenshot via Danielle Cohn’s Instagram

Fans react to stars’ drama

Given how many people followed Danielle and Mikey’s relationship, many fans had a lot of opinions on the topic.

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