The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is out and some PC players are seeking the best controller settings for aim assist and sensitivity.

You can download the free-to-play multiplayer title via either Steam or the Microsoft store. The beta will end and season 1 will begin in December which is also when Master Chief’s newest campaign will release and join Xbox Game Pass.

The beta has received a mixed reception primarily thanks to its battle pass, but there are also some people complaining about its lack of aim assistance.

Halo Infinite | A New Generation Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Halo Infinite | A New Generation Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Halo Infinite best controller settings for sensitivity

Possibly the best controller settings for Halo Infinite sensitivity on PC can be found below:

  • Look Acceleration – 4
  • Look Sensitivity Horizontal – 5.5
  • Look Sensitivity Vertical – 5.5
  • Zoom Level – 1.4x
  • 1.4x Sensitivity – 1.0

Move Thumbstick:

  • Centre Deadzone – 5.0
  • Max Input Threshold – 10.0
  • Axial Deadzone – 5.0

Look Thumbstick:

  • Centre Deadzone – 7.5
  • Max Input Threshold – 14.5
  • Axial Deadzone – 7.5

All of the above come courtesy of YouTuber gamesager. Of course, there are plenty other tutorials and options available if the above don’t work for you.

Does Halo Infinite have aim assist?

There is aim assist for Halo Infinite when using a controller on console but there does not appear to be any on PC.

This comes from a Reddit post where numerous people are complaining that there doesn’t appear to be any assistance at all. Fans are saying that this is especially noticeable compared to other first-person shooters such as Apex Legends.

Controversy ensued back in September when an AFK player seemingly showed how overpowered aim assist was. Despite leaving the game, the assistance seamlessly tracked the head of another player instantly.

Devs responded to the concerns of players from the footage by explaining how it was misleading, but it appears that things have now gone in the opposite direction.

When does the beta end?

The beta will end on December 8th which is also when season 1 will start.

Lots of people are hoping that the current lack of aim assist is a bug that will be resolved or that it’s an ill-thought error that the devs will fix. However, people are also complaining about the battle pass and how it levels up.

We don’t know what will be fixed and improved when the beta ends, but hopefully the biggest issues will be gone.

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