What has eight legs and two fangs that are strong enough to pierce through a fingernail? The “Megaspider” aka the largest Australian funnel-web spider of its kind.

A zoo in New South Wales, Australia, has received an anonymous donation of a giant funnel-web spider. Not only does everyone want to know who found it, but more importantly, who has been brave enough to handle this “Megaspider.”

It measured more than 3 inches, with fangs that were almost an inch in length and can puncture a fingernail. This spider is definitely deadly if it can ruin a mani or pedi!

As funnel-web spiders are typically half the size of the one which has been donated, you can understand what all of the commotion is about.

Warning, massive spider alert as Twitter reacts to deadly Australian funnel-web spider.

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Mega spider with “nail-piercing fangs” found

The Australian Reptile Park is the lucky public zoo that has received the anonymously donated mega spider. It was given to the park last week in a plastic Tupperware tub with no writing or label attached. This was received as part of the parks’ weekly collection service which accommodates spider drop-off points near Sydney.

Upon receiving the megaspider an ARP education officer explained what a rare finding it was, “In my 30+ years at the Park, I have never seen a funnel-web spider this big,” Michael Tate recalled.

The spider is a female creature and park workers named her the “Megaspider.” They are now curious to know who captured her in hopes to find more spiders of her kind.

These spiders are often found in eastern Australia and can have a bite so deadly that it can kill a human within 15 minutes, as reported by the Australian Museum.

The spiders are active all year round and live in moist, cool areas. When an insect passes they have a long lay of silk, which will send them vibrations and alert the spider of prey.

Twitter reacts to Australian funnel-web spider

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