BTS V snagged a major win in an International Award show as the ‘King of K-pop’ for 2021 officially establishing his position as the ‘main K-pop idol.’

Global Nubia Awards 2021 featured a list of world-famous K-pop icons as nominees for the prestigious title including GOT7’s Jackson Wang, BTS Jungkook, ‘True Beauty’ star Cha Eunwoo and more.

V aka Kim Taehyung who has bagged countless titles from media around the world including but not limited to ‘ace of K-pop,’ ‘Rookie religion,’ ‘global K-pop icon,’ ‘sold out fairy,’ will be now known as the ‘King of K-pop’ as awarded by Global Nubia Awards 2021.

A look at BTS V’s win at Global Nubia Awards 2021

BTS V emerged as the winner among a number of acclaimed K-pop stars snagging the title K-pop Idol Of The Year Male (King Of Kpop). Some of the contenders of the award included BTS Jimin, EXO’s Baekhyun, GOT7’s Jackson Wang, Astro’s Cha Eunwoo, BTS Jungkook, BTS Jhope, EXO Sehun, BTS Suga, and SHINee’s Taemin.

According to the Nubia report, Kim Taehyung received votes from as many as 103 countries clearly proving to be the world’s favorite K-pop idol.

Full list of Global Nubia Awards 2021 explained

Along with BTS V, BTS’ ‘ace dancer’ Jhope won the World’s Best Dancer Male (King Of Dance) award. Check the full list of winners for GNAs 2021 below.

World’s Best Player (King Of Football)

Lionel Messi won the title ‘World’s Best Player (King of Football) award.

Global Actor Of The Year

Chinese heartthrob Xiao Zhan won the prestigious Global Actor of the Year award.

Global Actress Of The Year

Turkish actress Hande Erçel won the Global Actress award at GNAs 2021.

World’s Best Dancer Male (King Of Dance)

Jung Hoseok aka BTS J-hope won the coveted title of ‘World’s Best Dancer Male Award at GNA 2021.

World MVP (King Of Basketball)

Giannis Antetokounmpo snagged World MVP award.

Pop Band Of The Decade

Grammy-nominated pop legend BTS won the Pop Band Of The Decade Award.

World’s Best Dancer Female (Queen Of Dance)

Twice’s famed singer Momo Hirai won the World’s Best Dancer female award.

K-pop Group Of The Year

JYP’s ultimate girl group TWICE took the trophy for the K-pop Group Of The Year award.

Internet Personality Of The Year

Khaby Lame bagged Internet Personality Of The Year.

K-pop Idol Of The Year Male (King Of Kpop)

Kim Taehyung aka BTS V won Best Male Idol aka King of K-pop in GNA 2021.

K-pop Idol Of The Year Female (Queen Of Kpop)

Billboard record-making Lisa is the official K-pop Idol Of The Year Female aka Queen of K-pop.

Global Artist Of The Year

‘Good 4 U’ crooner Olivia Rodrigo bagged Global Artist Of The Year at GNA 2021.

Fans celebrate BTS V’s major win as the official ‘King of K-pop’

BTS V fans celebrated the singer’s major recognition at the International Award show. Speaking of the latest badge of accomplishment of BTS V, a fan swooned, “Your courage, genuine heart, and talent are your crown and you’re wearing it like a KING. Congratulations Taehyung K-pop idol of the Year in Global Nubia Awards 2021!”

A second fan wrote, “Kim Taehyung won as the Kpop Idol of the Year award (King of K-Pop) at the Global Nubia Awards 2021 (GNAs 2022). He’s truly such a Worldwide king indeed. He’s a legend. We’re so proud of you Taehyungie.”

Celebrate BTS V’s win as the King of K-pop with a Kim Taehyung focused playlist below. Let us know your thoughts about the Global Nubia Awards 2021 @HITCculture.

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