Naruto is officially coming to Fortnite, but what date and time will the new skins, creative hub, weapons and cosmetics release for all players?

Naruto is one of the biggest, most popular, and most iconic anime franchises in the world…

Fortnite is also one of the biggest, most-played, and infamous video games available…It’s a match made in Shippuden-heaven.

It has recently been confirmed that Naruto will be making his Battle Royale debut this month, with the new update bringing a whole host of skins, cosmetics and items that players can acquire.

So, what Naruto-themed skins and cosmetics can players expect to be added but more importantly; what date and time will they release in Fortnite?

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What date and time will Naruto release in Fortnite?

The upcoming Naruto content will release in Fortnite on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021, as confirmed in a recent post by the games official Twitter page.

The v18.40 update will begin with server downtime from 9 AM UTC, with matchmaking down for 30 minutes prior, as stated in a Tweet from the Fortnite Status Twitter page.

  • Pacific Time: 1 AM
  • Central Time: 3 AM
  • Eastern Time: 4 AM
  • British Time: 9 AM
  • European Time: 10 AM
  • India Time: 2.30 PM
  • Philippine Time: 5 PM
  • Australia Time: 7.30 PM

A YouTube premiere is also currently scheduled to begin at 9 AM UTC, link here.

New Naruto x Fortnite skins and cosmetics…

As with any new Fortnite update, a whole host of new skins, cosmetics and items are set to be added to the game.

Officially, very few details on the available skins have been shared, but once again data miner HYPEX is there to fill in the blanks.

Leaks indicate that Naruto could be his own boss in the game, which Dexerto reports is currently referred to as ‘HeadbandK’.

HYPEX also shared some stats on the new mythic explosive Kunai weapons, a type of throwing knife, which will have a recharge time of four seconds and a maximum range of 300 meters.

Not only will the Naruto skin will be available to purchase in Fortnite, but according to popular series news Twitter page ‘Abdul_S17‘, so will character models for Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi – as was also hinted at by HYPEX.

Additionally, a new creative hub will be added that will be themed around the series’ infamous Hidden Leaf Village, more information is expected to be shared next week.

Finally, HYPEX shares that Raman and Ninja Scrolls will act as coins that players can collect in creative mode in order to unlock a free reward.

Could more anime crossovers be on the way to Fortnite?

One of the reasons why Fortnite has been able to maintain relevance over the past few years has been the collaborations with various other franchises including Marvel, the NFL, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters and music stars like Marshmello and Ariana Grande.

However, could there be more anime crossovers in the works after the Naruto update?

According to another popular leaker called TweaBR, “a trusted source has stated that Epic are working with a company named Shueisha to produce a few anime collabs.”

Shueshi owns the rights to Naruto, supporting TweaBR’s claim, but what other franchises could we see? Shueisha currently possesses some of the rights to various anime titles, including:

  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Dr Stone
  • Demon Slayer
  • Burn the Witch
  • Black Clover
  • Haikyuu!

Interestingly, the Fortnite News Twitter page recently shared a report that the next collaboration will be a Spider-Man crossover, likely in the next season of content.

The excitement from fans builds online…

With the Naruto collaboration still to release in Fortnite, the excitement for the new cosmetics and rewards is palpable – arguably higher than any collaboration since Endgame from season 8.

Whilst a quick scroll through any social media platform can demonstrate the level of hype, the original announcement tweet from Fortnite has more than 250,000 likes!

This makes the announcement one of the Twitter pages most-liked Tweets; even surpassing the epic chapter 2 teaser from October 2019!

“The Naruto X Fortnite teaser will surpass the Chapter 2 trailer tweet in terms of likes in 1-2 hours. This makes the tweet the 2nd most liked tweet that Fortnite has ever posted (AFAIK). This collaboration is already a success and a great foundation for big things to come.” – User ShiinaBR, via Twitter.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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