Recently a TikToker named Megan Maepes went viral for a video where she explains the meaning of Hogging, a competition popular amongst many college Fraternities in the US.

The TikTok posted on October 4th has gained over 1 million views now and is being heavily discussed on the platform.

The viral video has initiated a discussion among internet users about scary and predatory frat practices that need to be stopped.

What is the meaning of Hogging?

The meaning of Hogging is sure to shock many internet users.

The term already exists in the urban dictionary and is defined as “A competition, usually between a group of men that involves going to a bar/frat/house party. Participants go with the direct intention of hooking up with the fattest girl at the party. The guy who bags the fattest girl wins.”

As disturbing as this sounds, Hogging is quite common among many college fraternities. Talking to Buzzfeed about the horrific practice, Megan, a plus-sized fashion and body positivity activist said, “Hogging is a practice of achieving masculinity.”

The influencer further explains, “One of the ways men can do that, in their eyes, is by sleeping with the greatest number of people possible. They see fat women as easy targets.”

The practice typically sees these college students preying on women they consider to be ‘fat’ or ‘unattractive.’

Referring to a paper published by researchers Ariane Prohaska and Jeannine A. Gailey, Megan states in her TikTok, “Sometimes they (men) will then, in the completion of having sex with her, have the entire group of men come barging in the room, and they’ll start oinking and harassing the woman until she leaves that space.”

Many TikTok users were left disturbed upon learning the meaning of Hogging.

TikTok users react to the horrific practice

Many took to the comments of Megan’s TikTok and shared that they had sadly experienced similar situations.

Others who were unaware of the ritual were out of words after learning about it.

The case of Cornell’s ‘Zeta Beta Tau” fraternity explored

Back in 2018, news surfaced that a Cornell fraternity was placed on probation after its members conducted a contest called a “pig roast.” As per reports, it saw men competing to sleep with women they considered ‘overweight.’

The university launched an investigation on the Zeta Beta Tau after multiple reports were filed against them. The behaviour this frat engaged in was described as hogging, aimed to humiliate women considered undesirable.

The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity was placed on probation for two years, during which they had to participate in education related to sexual violence.

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