BTS is all set for their travel to LA prior to the ‘PTD On Stage’ concert 2021 and ARMY is eager to discover Bangtan’s latest airport outfits. Right before their departure from Seoul, Hobi aka J-hope came on the Weverse app to tease a sneak peek of his airport look.

Bangtan Boys caused a Twitter storm during their last travel when the Grammy-nominated group left for NYC to attend UNGA 2021 as fans got to see the new airport looks of the group almost after two years.

Shortly after two months, BTS is all set to travel to LA and meet BTS ARMY face to face after what felt like a decade! If you are wondering when is BTS traveling for LA, here’s all you need to know.

BTS’ airport looks for November 17th LA travel is revealed below in updates.

When is BTS traveling for the 2021 LA concert?

According to J-hope’s Weverse update, BTS will be traveling to LA prior to their 2021 concert and AMA performance on November 17th. The group will be appearing for American Music Awards 2021 on November 21st.

Before BTS’ ‘Permission To Stage On Stage LA’ concert starts from November 28th, the group will also be appearing in The Late Late Show with James Corden on November 23rd at 12.37 AM ET/ PT.

BTS ready to travel for LA concert 2021 (Bangtan TV YouTube)

Hobi teases BTS airport 2021 look prior to LA travel

BTS Hobi dropped a pleasant surprise for ARMY revealing a sneak peek of his airport look. The ‘Hope World’ crooner shared he has to pack his Louis Vuitton suitcase prior to LA travel on November 17th.

The ‘Ugh’ crooner posted, “Hobi is now going to pack (stuff), good night today as well, white hair of memories!”

According to media reports, the group will be at the airport on November 17th at 1.30 PM KST/ November 16th, 11.30 PM ET.

Right after BTS J-hope’s Weverse post, fans of Bangtan Boys started trending ‘have a safe flight’ on Twitter while counting hours before their travel.


BTS airport look 2021 while traveling to LA revealed

BTS left for LA on November 17th morning in dapper airport outfits. Check their airport looks below.

An excited fan wrote, “can’t wait to tweet “have a safe flight” and see their pics before departure!”

A second fan shared pictures of BTS’ last airport look writing, “Since BTS is going to fly for LA tomorrow, here’s their airport look when they left for NY, I’m fighting for my life here!”

Waiting for BTS’s latest airport look? Check out their airport fashion from September 2021 here. Keep an eye on this space for live updates on BTS’ travel and airport looks.