The ongoing drama between DaBaby and his baby mama has left fans divided. And now, DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bill is challenging the rapper for a fight.

For those who aren’t aware of what happened, DaBaby went live on Instagram when he and DaniLeigh were bickering. The latter claimed that the rapper called cops on her, who were also seen in another video.

As the ongoing fight between DaBaby and DaniLeigh is gaining more momentum, Brandon has called the rapper out for “disrespecting” his family.

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Who is Brandon Bills?

Brandon is DaniLeigh’s brother. He is a musician by profession. He has released a couple of songs that are available to stream on Spotify.

He has more than 69,000 followers on Instagram. The profile mainly features his music and a few updates about his personal life.

Brandon’s official YouTube features music videos for his songs. You can watch them here. he has around 1,500 subscribers.

While not much is known about his personal life, his posts show that he loves basketball as he has shared several pictures of him playing the game.

Whether one knew Brandon from earlier or not, his bold statement about DaBaby has definitely put him in the spotlight and people are curious to see what the rapper has to say.

Brandon Bills (Instagram)

DaniLeigh’s brother challenges DaBaby

Brandon is making sure he’s being heard as he’s openly calling out DaBaby on social media.

First, he wrote in his Instagram story, “Keep my family out ya mouth internet gansta @Dababy”

To make his message clearer, in another video, he challenged DaBaby for a one-on-one fight.

The video shared by DJ Akademiks on Twitter sees Brandon call out DaBaby for “calling cops on my sis” and “disrespecting my family.”

He goes on to say that it doesn’t have to do with “you and my sister anymore” before adding, “it’s gotta do with me and you.”

In the later part of the video, Brandon reveals that he’s suffering from neck issues after meeting with an accident, but he would still fight DaBaby in the same condition.

He challenges DaBaby for a one-on-one fight when he’s in the “West Coast”, to see how much of a “Gansta” the rapper is.

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Twitter reacts to the rappers’ beef

Like DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s issue wasn’t enough, people are now discussing the beef with DaBaby and his baby mama’s brother.

One wrote, “#Danileigh’s brother comes to her defense, says #DaBaby is an internet gangsta… on the internet”

Another tweeted, “not DaniLeigh brother want catch a fade with DaBaby”

Meanwhile, DaBaby is yet to respond to Brandon’s video.

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