Full moons are always powerful times and the full moon rising on November 19th is no different.

The November 2021 full moon has great significance in astrology, as there will be a full moon lunar eclipse. Find out the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon and how you can make the powerful energy work for you.

What is the Beaver Moon?

In astrology, full moons mark the most climactic moment in the monthly lunar cycle as it is when the sun and moon oppose each other in the zodiac.

The Beaver Moon will occur overnight Thursday (18th November) into Friday (19th November) morning. It is also a lunar eclipse which means that it is ushering in all sorts of emotional changes.

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What is the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon?

According to Bustle, the November 2021 full moon eclipse is taking place in the sensual sign of Taurus, therefore the spiritual meaning is centred around aligning with our values and finding security in times of chaos.

Interestingly, the Beaver Moon got its name from it traditionally being the time of year when beavers seek shelter for the colder months ahead.

Symbolically, the lunar eclipse highlights the things we need to feel warm, safe and secure in a time of increasing cold and scarcity. Therefore, it will help us to determine what is truly valuable to us and what is no longer worth our energy.

How to work with the November 2021 lunar eclipse’s energy

As this full moon is a lunar eclipse, the cosmic energies are extremely chaotic, therefore rather than harnessing the energy in a moon ritual, it is best to simply allow change to happen and embrace whatever the universe sends your way.

If you however need structure when it comes to steadying yourself during the eclipse, you can try full moon eclipse meditation or work with grounding healing crystals.

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