Seth Rogen just invented a rolling tray and fans are losing their minds.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the actor-turned-entrepreneur’s handy creation, we’re breaking down how to buy one for yourself.

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Seth Rogen invents genius rolling tray

Funnyman Seth Rogen just took to Twitter to show off his latest invention: a rolling tray.

It’s no secret that the actor is pretty well known for smoking recreationally and, lately, he’s been dabbling in pottery – so this creation just makes sense.

Taking fans through the various elements of the tray, Rogen shared: “Here’s the all-in-one joint-rolling tray from Houseplant.”

In a Twitter video, the actor pointed out a grinder, a paper dispenser, and a filter holder before ending with, “isn’t that adorable?”

How to buy the actor’s rolling tray

If you’re looking to purchase Rogen’s rolling tray for yourself, the actor advised signing up for early access on the Houseplant website here. You’ll then get notified when the tray is available for purchase.

The invention is yet to be officially released on the site, so a price is TBC, but judging by the other items on offer, the rolling tray will likely cost anywhere upwards of $100.

As an added bonus, Seth confirmed on Twitter that the tray will be available in 3 different colours.

If you haven’t checked out the Houseplant store yet, which is founded by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, take a look here.

Fans react to Seth Rogen’s creation

Hey, we’ll give credit where it’s due – it’s a pretty genius idea, and fans agree.

Josh Gad wrote: “Seth, if you wanted to send me one for Hanukkah, I wouldn’t be mad.”

Another tweeted: “I am so proud of you seth. Vases are a thing of the past.”

Somebody else wrote: “Insane. Astounding. A feat of modern architecture.”

Another tweeted: “Ha that’s awesome.”

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