BTS Jungkook has been undoubtedly holding the crown for the ultimate Gen Z fashion icon of K-pop. The youngest member of the Grammy-nominated music group has defied the conventional fashion trends, carving a very unique path of fashion all on his own. Here, we are taking a look at some of the fan edits of BTS JK that later came to life but proved that Jungkook can slay any style better than fans’ imagination.

At the very age of 24, BTS Jungkook has established himself as the K-pop It boy who can effortlessly reign any fashion trend that he chooses. The Rolling Stone-praised singer stunned ARMY in 2021 flaunting not one but two piercings and dreamy outfits with every new concert and award shows.

Take a look at some of his latest outfits and style that resembles previously made fan-edits but only he outshines the imaginations of fans every time.

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Top edits that prove BTS Jungkook can slay any style better than fans’ imagination

From arm tattoos to various hair edits, Jungkook has made fan edits come true on numerous occasions.

  • Full Sleeve Arm Tattoo

From fans sharing BTS Jungkook in a full sleeve arm tattoo-edit to the ‘Euphoria’ crooner making fantasies of millions come true, here’s how the singer surprised his fans.


Dreamy blue haired Jeon Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook caused a Twitter storm in 2021 rocking a dreamy blue hair that only existed in fan edits before.

Blond Jungkook made fans ‘hard to breathe’ coming to existence

Golden Disc Awards 2021 will be forever be historic in ARMY Twitter for giving fans blond Jungkook in all its true glory. Fans had a live meltdown discovering the singer in gorgeous golden blond hair after what felt like an eternity. Check the edit vs real pictures below.

Long hair ‘Goblin’ Jungkook

The ‘Goblin’ edit of Jungkook that existed in ARMY Twitter for quite some time came to reality in 2020’s Season’s Greetings.

Biker Jungkook

The latest sensational edit that was manifested into existence has to be biker Jungkook 2021, straight out of fans’ imagination.

Jungkook named “Forbes Korea Top Model Idol”

Along with the title of ultimate It boy of K-pop fashion, BTS Jungkook was named as the ‘Top Model Idol’ by Forbes Korea. The publication praised the impact of ‘My Time’ crooner and described him as “the main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub rapper of BTS. He is well-known for his stable live performance that does not shake while performing strong choreography.”

After rocking BTS’ last ‘PTD On Stage’ online concert, BTS Jungkook will be next seen meeting ARMY after two years of wait in ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ LA this November end. Check how to live stream the event here. Stream BTS JK-based playlist below.

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