Shocking videos go viral on TikTok all the time, but this one might just top them all.

A woman exiting the back of an Amazon delivery truck, dog sitting right on top of a cat and a Subway worker walking over the food are just a few of the videos that have taken over TikTok recently.

Now, things have taken an even darker turn on the app as social media users are sharing an old video of a dog being eaten by a crocodile. Warning: It’s pretty disturbing.

TikTok – NASA Football Trailer

TikTok – NASA Football Trailer

Viral video shows Dog getting eaten by Crocodile

If you’re an animal lover who’s easily upset, I’d advise you not to watch this video.

An old clip is making the rounds on TikTok again that sees a dog getting sadly eaten by a crocodile, and it’s just as heartbreaking as it sounds.

In the video, an owner is walking their dogs next to a river when one of them decides to get into the water and have a swim.

In the background, you can hear the owner shouting the dog’s name frantically, obviously aware that there were crocodiles in the water.

The dog doesn’t listen and swims further and further into the river where a crocodile begins swimming towards it.

You then see the crocodile leap for the dog which is submerged by huge splashes of water.

Thankfully, you don’t see any blood, but it’s pretty obvious what happened to the poor pooch next.

Social media users criticise the owner

It’s unclear where or when the incident happened, but the dog’s owner has been criticised for standing there filming the tragedy and doing nothing to help.

The original video appears to have been deleted form TikTok, but a copy of it was posted to YouTube which has had over 2.2 million views. In the comments, people are calling out the owner.

One person wrote: “Maybe if you put the damn TikTok camera down and walk ten feet to get him he might have still been with us.”

“She wanted to record for TikTok, that was more important to her than HER DOG. That’s what is wrong with being addicted to posting,” said another.

A third person added: “It looks like to me that they purposely let that dog die for some TikTok fame.”

“This is just sick, the social media generation are truly disturbing,” commented another.

Crocodile eating dog videos take over TikTok

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only viral video that shows a dog being eaten by a crocodile. In fact, there are loads of them on TikTok, and they’re all just as horrible.

In another clip, a dog is walking next to a bank when a crocodile leaps out of the water and drags it into the depths. In the background, you can hear people screaming as they watch the horror.

Another dog who is also walking along the bank then gets dragged into the water and eaten whilst a woman heartbreakingly shouts to her dog: “I love you.”

How about we leave the crocodile eating dog videos in 2021. They’re far too traumatising. Scarred for life.

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