Shaddai Prejean Aka Shadman is currently in the news for all the wrong reasons and the Internet is confused as to what happened to the YouTuber.

The Swiss-based YouTuber is also popular as Shadbase within the community. He joined YouTube in 2010.

If you aren’t aware of who he is or what he’s known for, let us tell you everything about the artist who is popular for his infamous art.

Who is Shaddai Prejean?

Shaddai is an artist famous for his vulgar art and webcomics.

He created his website Shadbase in 2009, a little before joining YouTube.

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The YouTuber who had gained a reputation for specifically drawing characters such as Loli and Elastigirl discontinued his work after getting embroiled in controversies.

According to YouTube.fandom, Shaddai moved to Los Angeles from Switzerland after his work was viewed critically in his native country.

His work ranged from time-lapses of his drawing to sketches of objects and other fictional characters.

Shadman’s YouTube channel isn’t active anymore. Also, he never revealed his face.

Controversies surrounding Shadman explored

Shaddai or Shadman isn’t new to controversy.

He received a lot of backlash for drawing vulgar pictures of underage girls, including characters Loli and Elastigirl.

He was also involved in a drama with YouTuber Keemstar for allegedly sketching his daughter. The YouTuber had said he would draw an image of the YouTuber’s daughter if Donald Trump won the elections.

He even addressed drawing Loli of Keemstar’s kid in during a chat with Colossal on a live stream.

Shadman said he would take the drawing down as he respected Keemstar.

Is the YouTuber arrested?

A large number of social media users have been sharing reports suggesting the YouTuber was arrested on October 28, 2021.

Meanwhile, displays a case filed against Shaddai in the Los Angeles County Superior Courts. But, his arrest hasn’t been confirmed officially.

The reason behind the alleged arrest hasn’t been revealed but the document shows the person in question has been booked under section 245 (A)1, which carries charges for “assault with a deadly weapon.”

However, the police or official records haven’t disclosed details about the alleged attack.

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