**Warning – Major spoilers ahead**

Yesterday, November 11, premiered the crossover episode between Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off show, Station 19, and we explore the events of the episode and also answer: Is Victoria Hughes leaving Station 19?

As with any crossover episode, the events that transpired were dramatic and resulted in a great loss on Station 19’s side. The crossover’s promo did reveal ahead of time that the episode would focus on a harrowing explosion, featured with the tagline “Not Everyone Will Survive.”

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 | Crossover Trailer

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 | Crossover Trailer

Events of the crossover episode

The crossover episode saw Victoria Hughes confront Dean Miller about moving to Oakland to develop Crisis One. Despite new recruit, Theo Ruiz, making the move on Vic first earlier in the season, Dean still has feelings for her and is adamant about moving.

As the pair discuss Dean’s future, a gas line explosion occurs at the station and Seattle comes under threat. Whilst traveling to attend to the victims of the explosion, Dean asks Vic to come with him to Oakland, but she refuses his invitation.

As Dean and Vic tend to injured civilians, a second explosion occurs, severely wounding both of them. They are then taken to Grey Sloan Memorial.

Is Victoria Hughes leaving Station 19?

No, despite being caught in the second explosion, Victoria Hughes is not reported to be leaving Station 19.

After the second explosion went off, Victoria was the first to be taken away in an ambulance and she was treated by Bailey and Richard.

The character’s scare is likely what provoked fans to question the character’s fate, but as far as we know, Victoria will recover from the blast and stay within the narrative.

Who died in the crossover episode?

Sadly, Dean ends up dying in the ambulance with Ben by his side and his friend reflects on his promise to Dean to take care of Pruitt.

In a statement to Deadline, actor Okieriete Onaodowan had this to say about the character’s departure from the show: “It’s been a pleasure being Dean. I have Shonda Rhimes, Stacy McKee, Krista Vernoff, Paris Barclay, and ABC to thank for allowing me to bring him to life.”

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