The release date for Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 is edging closer and skin leaks are online as fans await the price of DBD Portrait of a Murderer and The Artist new killer.

BeHaviour Interactive continues to have a busy November. The Midnight Grove Halloween event has just finished, and now everyone is spamming the Stranger Things Hawkins map because it is set to leave the game on November 17th.

It’s a bitter and disappointing adieu to the Hawkins map, but – in better news – the arrival of the game’s new killer and survivor is close.

Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil Collection Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil Collection Trailer

When does Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 come out?

The leaked release date for when Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 Portrait of a Murderer will come out is November 30th.

This comes courtesy of DBD Leaks on Twitter who was correct about the PTB launching on November 9th. When it does come out, we’ll be treated to a new killer, survivor, and map.

BeHaviour Interactive’s new killer is Carmina Mora, The Artist, and she looks visually stunning. She’s arguably the best original female murderer in the game as she has a haunting backstory and she looks incredible with her pale beauty spoiled by drooling black eyes.

There’s also a new survivor named Jonah Vasquez with his own perks. When Chapter 22 goes live, its mid-update will reportedly launch on January 25th with the PTB three weeks earlier.

Portrait of a Murderer price

No price has been announced for DBD Portrait of a Murderer.

However, seeing as Chapter 22 boasts an original killer and map instead of licensed characters, it’s likely that its fee will be £6.49. This is the same price as other original episodes such as Chains Of Hate, The Faithful, and All-Kill.

We will update this article when the official fee is known.

DBD Chapter 22 skin leaks

There are numerous skin leaks for Dead By Daylight Chapter 22.

The Artist and Jonah Suarez will reportedly have seven common outfits, two rare outfits, and one very rare each. DBD Leaks on Twitter has uploaded renders of them.

Away from the new killer and survivor, Leaks by Daylight reports that we will also be getting the annual ugly sweaters for people like Jill Valentine. A new Ghostface skin will also become available and this should happen in January to promote the new Scream movie.

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