The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has become a hot topic of discussion. Some are amused as to how it was live-streamed on social media while others aren’t able to wrap their heads around Kyle’s TikTok account that was briefly displayed on the screen.

The 18-year old took the stand in his homicide trial on November 10, 2021, in Kenosha. He was arrested and charged with multiple counts of homicide and unlawful possession of a firearm. Kyle testified that he killed two men and wounded another.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s TikTok account shown during trial

During the homicide trial, the prosecutors decided to display Kyle’s old TikTok account, which is no longer active now.

He was being questioned while his TikTok profile was shown on the screen. Clips from the trial that are making rounds on the Internet show Kyle discussing his bio on the social app that read, “Bruh, I’m just trying to be famous”

His handle was “4doorsmorewh*res”. In the profile picture, Kyle is seen posing with a gun.

It also showed that he only had 24 followers on his personal account.

Twitter reacts to 4doorsmorewh*res’ TikTok profile

Even though news networks quickly replaced the image of Kyle’s TikTok account, many have reacted to the fact that it was used as a part of the trial despite its content.

And, some are of the opinion that the prosecutors questioning Kyle about his Tiktok was simply ridiculous, owing to the latter’s response.

One tweeted, “Lmfao the prosecutor brings up how Kyle Rittenhouse had a TikTok account with the name 4DOORSMOREW*ORES. The clown show continues.”

Another wrote, “Watching some of the Rittenhouse trial and the lawyer throws the dudes TikTok account on the screen and his old username was 4DoorsMoreWh*res……….come on now kyle”

The former Celtic youth star with millions of views on TikTok

The former Celtic youth star with millions of views on TikTok
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

Kyle Rittenhouse testifies in his own defense

During the trial, Kyle testified in his own defense saying he shot the men because he wanted to protect himself.

“I brought the gun for my protection. I didn’t want to have to kill anybody that night,” Kyle said.

He also said he was trying to help the protestors with medical aid and extinguishing fires during the demonstrations at Kenosha last year.

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