Today (November 9th) is Social Media Kindness Day where people attempt to raise awareness for the need to be kind to each other online.

In 2020, television presenter Caroline Flack tragically took her own life after she received hurtful abuse on social media. Mayah Riaz created Social Media Kindness Day in a bid for protection for social media users and to shed light on the negative impact that social media can have.

What is Social Media Kindness Day?

After the tragic passing of Caroline Flack, Social Media Kindness Day was created to highlight the importance of treating each other with respect online. It takes place on what would have been the television presenter’s birthday.

With social media being such a huge part of everyday life, especially for young adults, it is extremely important that we be kind to one another and not engage in behaviour that will cause hurt and distress.

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How to get involved on Social Media Kindness Day

If you want to get involved this Social Media Kindness Day, you can make a pledge here. You can also take a selfie doing the sign for love in British Sign Language, post it on social media and tag three friends with the caption:

I’m supporting Social Media Kindness Day with my sign for love. Let’s all play our part to be kinder online. Are you with me [tag friend 1], [tag friend 2], [tag friend 3]? #SocialMediaKindnessDay.”

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How to be a source of positivity online

Even if you are not comfortable with posting a selfie on social media, there are a number of ways you can show positivity online.

  • Post about things that make you happy instead of focusing on the negatives.
  • Call out negative or hateful behaviour.
  • Be respectful of others online.
  • Encourage young people and your peers to not take the time to read or promote negative content.

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