BTS Jungkook has established his position as the Top Korean Soloist after breaking Psy’s Spotify record of Gangnam Style. Now, JK’s masterpiece Euphoria holds the record of the most streamed song on Spotify by a Korean soloist.

Jeon Jungkook’s Euphoria has broken quite a few world records in the past. The track had successfully spent over 85 weeks in Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart becoming the first and only song by a K-pop artist to spend that amount of time there.

Along with Euphoria, Jungkook’s other raging hit, My Time, also set records after spending over 81 weeks on the Billboard chart, making the Grammy-nominated singer the longest-charting K-pop Idol on Billboard.

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BTS Jungkook surpasses Psy’s record on Spotify

BTS Jungkook successfully surpassed Psy’s world record of Gangnam Style amassing 292,799,716 streams in Spotify whereas the former song has 292,699,819 streams. Now, BTS Jungkook holds the title of ‘Most Streamed Korean Male Soloist’ on Spotify.

Euphoria, which was released in 2018, took just three years to surpass the world record of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ that dropped all the way back in 2012.

Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs: Jungkook’s cover of Harry Styles’ Falling outranks original track

If the above-mentioned records were not enough, JK has been proving his global impact with his latest cover of Harry Styles’ Falling.

At the time of writing, the cover track is trending higher than the original song in Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart powered by Twitter.

With Jungkook smashing another world record and making his position known as the Top Korean Soloist, fans celebrated the significant day on social media.

A Jungkook fan gushed, “Euphoria by Jungkook became the most streamed solo song by a male Korean artist on Spotify, couldn’t be more proud of him euphoria is a masterpiece.”

Another echoed, “Jungkook the Korean Male Soloist with the most-streamed solo song in Spotify history: Euphoria. JK our precious euphoria who keeps flying high on his own golden path, we are so proud of you!#EuphoriaMostStreamedSolo TOP MALE SOLOIST JUNGKOOK!”

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