Recently, BTS V was called Bangtan’s ‘Fashionista’ along with group leader RM. The revelation by BTS’ fashion stylist made Kim Taehyung fans reminisce about the time when he was certified as the ‘Most Fashion Forward’ member of BTS following a stunning BBMA Red Carpet debut.

According to a Korean media report, stylist Lee Ha-Jeong, who has worked with BTS multiple times in the past, revealed that the two members who have the most interest in fashion are RM and V.

Both members have got heaps of praise for their fashion from critics and publications worldwide.

But, just like the Grammy-nominated group’s style of music has changed over the years, so has their Red Carpet fashion game. Yet, something like Kim Taehyung‘s power of ruling the social media following an award show’s Red Carpet remains constant.

Prior to BTS’ AMA 2021 appearance on November 21, we are taking a look at the time when fashion magazine Vogue foresaw V’s Red Carpet dominance all the way back in 2017, on his BBMA Red Carpet debut.

BTS V certified as the ‘most fashion forward’ by Vogue following BBMA Red Carpet debut

Following BTS’ historic BBMA 2017 debut, Vogue highlighted V’s fashion game in a feature. Swooning over the member’s eye for iconic outfits, the publication wrote, “Perhaps the most fashion-forward dresser was V, who paired a cropped pinstripe jacket and polka-dot dress shirt with loose-fit pants—a bold choice that he pulled off with ease.”

True to the prophetic words of the publication, Kim Taehyung established himself as the ‘fashion icon’ of the group, who has caused a social media storm after almost every award show appearance since.

Photo by Denise Truscello/BBMA2017/Getty Images for dcp

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TMA 2021

In October, BTS attended The Fact Music Awards 2021 ceremony and BTS V’s Valentino outfit with a mesh undershirt set Twitter ablaze as fans couldn’t stop talking about his Red Carpet aura.

Korean media articles highlighted BTS V’s power as a ‘triple threat,’ captivating audience with visual, performance and live vocals.

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Grammy 2020 Red Carpet

BTS V’s 2020 Grammy look will go down in history as the most iconic Grammy look of all time. The black double-breasted blazer of Bottega Veneta and oversized trousers paired with ruffled black hair made the ‘Singularity’ crooner trend worldwide.

Fashion commenter George Hollins called the outfit ‘power dressing of ’80s,’ praising how the 26-year-old BTS star rocked the outfit to ‘perfection.’

The Fact Music Awards 2019

Kim Taehyung also made fans struggle for air at The Fact Music Awards 2019 Red Carpet with his chic Grey suit looking like an absolute dream.

Swooning over the member who trended worldwide post the award show’s Red Carpet, a fan reminisced, “Remember how we all lost our mind when black-haired Kim Taehyung appeared at The Fact Music Awards 2019!”

Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

With AMAs 2021 coming soon, BTS V fans are surely looking forward to witnessing yet another historic fit from the ‘Sweet Night’ crooner. The world simply cannot wait.

While counting down to AMAs 2021, check out a V-based BTS playlist below.

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