After an agonising 14-month wait, Yellowstone is back on Paramount Network for its highly-anticipated fourth season.

The new instalment picks up from the dramatic season 3 cliffhanger as the Dutton family finds themselves under attack.

Once the dust settles and the Duttons attempt to piece together who was behind the assassination attempt, we are introduced to a new antagonist for season 4, a Market Equities big-wig named Caroline Warner.

But just who plays Caroline Warner in Yellowstone season 4 and why do some fans think it’s Sally Struthers?

Yellowstone | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network

Yellowstone | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network

Yellowstone season 4 release date and plot

Season 4 of Yellowstone arrived with a two-episode premiere on Sunday, November 7th, 2021.

The new season continues on from the dramatic cliffhanger of season 3 that saw John, Beth and Kayce Dutton all come under attack by vicious henchmen.

Following the calculated assassination attempts, the Duttons quickly turn their attention to who could want them dead as new antagonists emerge and the future of the Yellowstone ranch and surrounding area is called into question once more.

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Who plays Caroline Warner season 4?

Taking on the role of Caroline Warner in Yellowstone season 4 is Jacki Weaver.

The Australian-born actress made her debut in the second episode of season 4 as Market Equities workmen discovered a Native American burial ground on the site of their newest construction and she was brought in to get the projects in the region back on track.

Caroline is shown to be a fearsome prospect at Market Equities and immediately sets about smoothing the way for the company in their long-standing dispute with Rainwater by offering to help fund his casino build but under their instruction. Could the Dutton Ranch be next on the agenda?

Fans will likely know Jacki Weaver, the actress playing Caroline, best from her appearances in Silver Linings Playbook, the 2020 film Penguin Bloom as well as the 2010 film adaptation of Animal Kingdom.

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Fans are convinced it was Sally Struthers

While the role is played by Jacki Weaver, at first glance a number of Yellowstone fans were sure that the actress playing Caroline was, in fact, Sally Struthers of All in the Family fame.

Many fans were that convinced that they took to social media to offer up their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Damn, I thought this was Sally Struthers. 😬”

While another added: “Sally Struthers is the new Yellowstone big bad???”

This confused fan commented: “So is this or is this not Sally Struthers?? #YellowstoneTV #Yellowstone

And finally, this fan worked out that it was another actress: “I thought she was Sally Struthers, but her voice proved me wrong.”

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Season 4 of Yellowstone continues on Sundays on Paramount Network.

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