Upon the release of Summer Walker’s long-awaited new album, Still Over It, the music isn’t the only trending topic fans are talking about.

Her song ‘4th Baby Mama’ features a shady name drop directed at American rapper Young Thug and listeners can’t get enough of his social media reaction.

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Summer Walker’s ‘4th Baby Mama’ lyrics

After her 2019 debut studio album left listeners with tears rolling down their faces, Summer Walker has fans dramatically sliding down walls yet again.

5 November 2021 saw the release of Still Over It, the second studio album by American singer Summer Walker.

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‘4th Baby Mama’ sits at the 19th spot on the 20-track album as a slow R&B song speaking on the realisation of Walker’s relationship expectations.

Oxford Learners Dictionaries defines a baby mama as the mother of a child who is not married to or in a relationship with the child’s father.

As the fourth baby mama in her previous relationship, Summer Walker also features artists Cardi B and Ciara with narrations on the album who also happen to be baby mother number four.

While digging at ex-partner London on da Track, the singer slyly mentions Young Thug, another American rapper with children by four women.

Walker questions whether her previous partner was racing Young Thug by keeping up with his numerous baby mothers in her lyrics:

“Ion get it is you tryna keep up with Thug? Is you racing him?
Crazy how you really think that shit’s cute, be embracing it, oh”

Young Thug reacts to name drop

At the age of 30, Young Thug reportedly has six children by four different women.

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It appears that the artist was unaware of his involvement in the drama and playfully took to social media to respond to his name drop on the track.

@thuggerthugger1 shared a photograph of himself holding up his middle finger onto his Instagram story with an accompanying caption addressing Summer Walker.

Using vulgar slang to supposedly express anger, Young Thug wrote:

“Summer walker f*** u lol”

Twitter fans are loving the drama

After hearing the mention of Young Thug’s baby mother history, listeners took to Twitter with their responses.

Summer Walker also name-dropped Canadian rapper Drake in Still Over It and many supporters suggested that both artists would wake up confused.

Amongst the memes and messages, @jasonffs_ simply questioned the rapper’s involvement in the relationship drama between London on da Track and Summer Walker.

Walker’s shady name drop seems to have lost her some listeners, as @ahmzy04 states that dissing Young Thug has put them off the album.

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