It’s always exciting when somebody arrives on the scene to shake things up…

However, sometimes you have the sneaking suspicion that you’ve met them in a past episode.

Fans of Dick Wolf’s One Chicago franchise – Fire, PD, and Med – will know the feeling, and it’s probably popped up very recently.

Created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, Chicago Fire was the first in the franchise and premiered on NBC back in 2012. Over the years it has amassed a substantial following with viewers becoming incredibly invested in the heroes at Firehouse 51.

It returned for season 10 back in September and it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster so far. The latest episode has made the audience curious about a certain character following Casey’s departure, so who is Wendy Seager on Chicago Fire?


Who is Wendy Seager on Chicago Fire?

Portrayed by Andy Allo, Wendy Seager appeared in ‘Dead Zone’ and ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’ as of late and is a Lieutenant for the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI).

She works closely with Severide (Taylor Kinney) and it’s suggested that there could be a romantic interest there.

As you may have suspected, we’ve actually seen her character before. She first arrived in the season 8 episode ‘Welcome to Crazytown’ and continued to appear in a handful of subsequent episodes. However, she was never made a series regular.

Now that she’s back in the mix we’re seeing her relationship with Severide develop as she dives deeper into an arson investigation.

As for the actress who plays her, she has previously appeared in such shows as Acting for a Cause (Kitty Bennet), Upload (Nora Antony), Black Lightning (Zoe B.), and The Game (Allison).

She has also been in a number of movies, including 2 Minutes of Fame (Taylor), Pitch Perfect 3 (Serenity), The Hero (Bartender), and Hacked (Sparrow).

Chicago Wednesdays Trailer

Chicago Wednesdays Trailer

“Wendy better not pull anything”

In the wake of her return, a number of fans have hopped onto Twitter to share their thoughts on the character’s return.

While some are pleased, it’s clear that some feel there’s a reason to be nervous.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Is Wendy staying on Chicago Fire?

Wendy will appear in the forthcoming episode ‘What Happened at Whiskey Point?’ and it’s likely that she’ll feature in more episodes too.

However, there has been no confirmation regarding how long she will stay in the picture this time.

Nobody has announced that Andy has returned as a series regular. Nevertheless, she’s on the case for now.

Chicago Fire continues on Wednesdays on NBC.

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